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Friends, the time has come for me to find a new home. I joined a new guild at the start of BFA with the goal of focusing on clearing heroic ASAP and then settling in to quick farming/m+/etc on the open nights. Well, with us clearing heroic and adding more bodies to the team the decision has been made to jump into mythic.

I don't have any interest in running progression continually from tier to tier I am looking for a new home. My issue is finding a guild that runs later at night or on weekend nights (or a combination of the two).

  • Looking to stay Alliance at the moment (due to annoyance of faction changing)
  • Can raid anytime at or after 8pm Pacific/10pm Central/11pm Eastern Monday-Friday
  • Can raid anytime at or after 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern Saturday/Sunday
  • No issues realm changing
  • Looking for heroic focused guilds only




<Two Camels in a Tiny Car> is a heroic focused guild. we raid 2 nights a week for 2hrs a night. We are currently 5/8H

We reside on Zul'jin horde side. If this interests you please give our page a quick read and my add my Bnet below. I know you want to stay alliance for now. Just putting this out there for ya to ponder.



Thanks for your time! take care
<Ominous Omen> is looking to rebuild our raid roster to finish up heroic Uldir. We’re a small group of friends that came back in Legion and achieve AOTC every raid and only raids 1 night a week on Sundays 7-10EST.

Currently we’re 5/8H after only 2 nights of heroic but we lost a large portion of the raid to gripes with BFA. We’re mainly ex-hardcore players with family and careers, so we keep raiding to one night a week and only stick to heroic. We like raiding and seeing the end game, but don’t want to get into mythic raiding.

If your looking for more information feel free to message me Rofel#1402.
<Misfits> of <Regency> is currently looking for exceptional ranged dps and healers.
Raid times are as listed 8:30-11:30 est fri/sat.
Teams current progress is 8/8h 1/8m Looking for a few more players that can make times consistently to push farther into mythic progression.
Flasks/food are provided for progression.
We are located on the Malgantis server.
Thank you for your time, if any further questions you can send me a battle.net friend request at Chriztoph#1117 or fill out an application at http://www.regencyguild.com/recruitment/
If you're still looking around, feel free to check us out!

<Criminal Instinct> [A] is currently 8/8H with our eyes set on clearing Mythic Uldir while restructuring for 8.1. We are looking for strong Ranged DPS and Healers for mythic raiding. We are a 2 night guild and our raid nights are Tues/Sun from 7-10 Server Time on Korgath-US.

You can also dip into the thread I made for a bit more information. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769598477#post-1

There's no application process just send me a btag request or chat with me on here.

Enrage Timer might be a good fit for you - we raid 8-11 PST fri-sat and we're 2/8M with good progress on Zekvoz.

We are recruiting a Holy Paladin and all other roles as well.

Feel free to btag me if you'd like to hear more!

Defarge#1628 or abPetrova#1987

We are located on Proudmoore.
“No Fun” 1/8M Uldir Thurs/Fri 10pm-1am PST US-Proudmoore
Pleasant low drama atmosphere
Semi Hardcore raid team.
Mythic + Daily
Members also involved in BG”S and Arenas
For more info contact
Armageddon#1703 or Decrapitator#11851
Or visit our page on wowprogress.com

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