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I had a prot Paladin in AB, guarding the flag, had 2 rogues beat on me for a good 2 min and they couldn't kill me, they had to run because they were killing themselves from hitting me.
Any class works if you are just better than the person you're playing against. Some classes are better than others but realistically it comes down to player skill.
Paladins counter melee classes pretty hard no matter the spec if you know how to play the class.
Warrior. The second i pop evasion I’ll take an overpower to the face.
All Plate wearers
Druids in bear form
Shamans that can kite
Warlocks with a voidwalker summoned
Warlocks with a felhound summoned
Warlocks with a succubus summoned
Warlocks with no pet summoned but are specced SL because they're just that OP
Mages with full mana and hp and equally geared
Hunters that know a rogue is about to gank them
A rogue that's better than you
Shadow priests
Any 2v1 with a healer
Anyone on a mount going past you as you stealth around with -50% movement speed
Anyone that catches you out of stealth with less than 80% health
Anyone that you try to gank with no cooldowns when they have all their cooldowns
Anyone that has engineering items
Anyone that has free action potions
Anyone that has lots of consumables or buffs on
Any sort of group pvp that involves AoE spam (like AV, BG choke points or world pvp between large groups)
Elite NPCs

Things that rogues counter:

Mages siting down drinking with no mana or ice shield up so your ambush auto crits
People who can't be bothered fighting you properly
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Rogues are fun but they are not very strong without their cooldowns, a proper spec and an above average IQ.
Source: played a rogue in vanilla and cried about warlocks along with everyone else.
Did you ever watch the Roguecraft series?
Rogues could kill any level 60 with 1 rusty dagger and in the nude.
once every 10 minutes
11/01/2018 03:58 AMPosted by Araska
Dwarf hunters with Free Action/Living Action potions and Invulnerable Mail warranted a swift ALT+F4 for your own sanity.

This... I was going to just say "druid" but free action potions were just the best.
A geared warrior


Good Hunter
10/31/2018 10:10 PMPosted by Smugpug
Played a hunter back in the vanilla days and it hard countered rogues. Even while leveling you could still beat most 60 rogues. They had no gap closers after their opener and no way out of scatter shot and concussive shot kiting outside of double vanishing and full commiting doing that.

Free action potion.
Rogues are countered by heavy armor in vanilla since basically all of their damage is physical.

That means paladins, warriors and bears.

So the only way you'll lose against a rogue is if he gets a full stunlock on you while you're not in bear form. If you know a rogue is nearby just stay in bear and don't let your health drop too much from killing mobs. If they're dumb enough to open on you while you're in bear form they're pretty much screwed.
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10/31/2018 08:34 PMPosted by Kelana
warrior. spam overpower

Yes, this. A rogue's damage mitigation is 100% "dodge more often." Against warriors it's disastrous.

Not really. If you start the fight evading they have no rage to use overpower so stack the bleeds then vanish and kill them off with the re-open after they bleed. Rogues who tried to use evasion like they would against other classes (i.e. as a save when lower on health) were in for a dirt nap though.

As for the subject of the thread? 100% paladins hard countered rogues...
I went to Rank 10 with a rogue in a guild that churned out Rank 14s on Alexstrasza, and in my experience, warriors and really good warlocks were my only big challenges. I was routinely flattened by warriors.

Paladins weren't really worth my time, they either ended up being a stalemate or took so long that I couldn't justify fighting them over working on some more important BG objective (unless they were threatening it, didn't have much of a choice then.) Bear druids are just as problematic - doable, but not worth the time investment to fight. Thankfully, few druids knew not to go toe to toe with a stacked rogue as a cat.

One would expect hunters to have been a bigger challenge but it was really easy to run the hunter out of tools fast with a full set of cooldowns and being an engineer, at that point it just becomes a numbers game, and I was really unfair.

The real power rogues had over other classes is the ability to choose their battles and play the odds, retreat with high success when the tables turn, and wield the element of surprise. I maintain that they are one of the most powerful classes in classic.

That said, if you go warrior just to counter rogues, don't forget about the other classes that can eat you for breakfast.
The whole discussion with rogue vs x might be moot anyways. Back in the day you usually got ganked by a single rogue. This time around they might travel in packs of 3-4. That is often what you see in other pvp games like ESO.

Choose your pvp server wisely.
Never had an issue with rogues as a shadow priest until TBC when they could clear my DoTs and restealth. Losing blackout kind of sucked as well.
Rogues were very gear dependent. It's hard to watch a youtube vid and make a decision because every one of them are wearing full raid gear crushing keyboard turners in dungeon blues.

A rogue without the gear to burst someone down was a free kill. Rogues were either feast or famine. They were easily the best noob killer in the game yet struggled hard against other players with gear.

I remember watching a level 52 hunter beat a 60 rogue in a duel outside org back in the day. I still remember it because the rogue never got to hit the hunter. The hunter pet continuously hit the rogue in the back as the hunter kept running circles throwing out flares. The duel lasted a while with many people watching.
10/31/2018 08:05 PMPosted by Totschläger
What class or more specific spec, countered Rogues in Vanilla.

Running out of cooldowns causes the rogue to counter himself.
The counter to rogues is not a class, it's a race. Dwarves stoneform out of your blind making it almost impossible to keep them CCed until death.
In turn rogues are the most fragile class in the game so if you eat any amount of CC you are toast. Fear, sheep, freezing trap, stuns, roots, if you're caught in any of these say goodnight.
If a rogue uses their tools wisely maybe they can avoid all these things but nearly all duels with a competent opponent are on a razor's edge.
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10/31/2018 08:32 PMPosted by Shadowoda
Any class that catches a rogue out of steath has the upper hand.

This is objectively the only correct answer.

Ironically enough, as a RECK BOMB Paladin, the opposite is true.

I want the Rogue to gain his stealthed opener against me so that I can charge up MA LAZORZ to 1shot him right in the face :P

Which is why Dorf > Human and Stone Form > Perception for Paladin PvP.

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