<AT> 3/8M 1 Night Guild LF Ranged/Hpal/MW


<Adventure Time> is an Alliance guild on Sargeras-US. Our raid times are relaxed, with one “mandatory” day: Tuesday 7-11pm CST(Server time). We’re 8/8H, 3/8M Uldir. We run farm content (H Uldir) on an optional off-night, Wednesday 7pm to Finish (generally 9:30-10ish PM).

We’re an adult raiding guild that takes the game seriously for 4 hours of progression content a week. We aim to be a home for players who are mature, skilled, and respect the time of the other 19 players in the instance, but don’t want/aren’t able to dedicate 3+ nights to raiding in a Cutting Edge-focused Mythic raiding guild. If you’re interested, feel free to check out further details below, or add Serival#1762, Cas#11850 to get in contact!

Current Progression

* 8/8N Uldir
* 8/8H Uldir
* 3/8M Uldir
* Multiple guild groups spamming M+ and pushing +10 keys
* Guild RBG events!


Our primary raid day is Tuesday from 7pm-11pm CST. Invites for raid go out at 6:45, and the first pull happens right at 7. We currently do farm content on an (encouraged, but optional) off-night, Wednesday at 7pm, lasting until bosses are dead (roughly 9:30-10:00pm). “Farm content” currently is H Uldir.


We are not a ”MUST GET CUTTING EDGE” guild, but that does not mean that we don’t take progression seriously. We are about taking the same serious mindset and focus from CE-level raiding, cutting down the time commitment, and killing content efficiently. We progress hard 4 hours a week, kill some dragons, and spend the rest of our week doing M+, playing alts, PvP'ing, or tending to RL obligations. Our raid environment is focused during progression. Comms are kept clear during fights, strats are explained pre-pull and discussed post-pull, mistakes will be called out and corrected as necessary. Raiders are expected to learn quickly and not continue screwing up the same mechanic multiple pulls in a row. However, we are laid back during farm, with plenty of !@#$-talk and heated debates about the efficacy of Ask Mr Robot and whether or not a boss is faster than fast as fucc Mistweaver’s Chi’Ji.

Raider Requirements

* 75% attendance on Tuesday progression - we understand real life happens, but we expect raiders to be serious and consistent about showing up. An occasional late appearance/missed raid night is no big deal when communicated to officers ahead of time.

* Play your class well - We're not here to carry 25th percentile players to kills. 19 other players are depending on you to play your best during progression; we expect that effort to be respected by researching your class and putting personal effort into your play. We don't expect everyone to chase orange parses, but you should enjoy min-maxing and playing the best that you can.

* Be receptive to feedback. We'd much rather work with a player with the right mindset than fail someone's trial. If your first thought when responding to "Why did you die/fail X mechanic" is "I messed up because Y, it won't happen again because I'm making Z change", you're the type of person we'd love to have!

* Voice comms - Mic/headset/push to talk. We're a social bunch, in and out of raid, and prefer that our raiders are able to make vital calls when needed in raid and spam dank memes outside of it.

High Recruitment Needs!

* Healers -

* Single-target focused healer: Hpally or MW Monk

* Ranged DPS -

* Warlock
* Hunter
* Mage

Despite any needs listed above, *exceptional* applicants are ALWAYS encouraged. The openings above reflect current high-priority needs. Due to the nature of raiding and roster/burnout boss, we can always fit an exceptional player into our roster. Pushing Mythic will always be done with the best 20 players in guild. Our logs are public on WCL, so if your class isn't listed but you have proof (logs) you're head and shoulders above someone on our current core roster, feel free to start a conversation!

Contact Info

If you’re interested in Adventure Time or have any questions, please add Serival#1762 or Cas#11850 to get in contact with one of our officers, or reply to this thread!

If you’d like to join, expect a Discord voice interview. Personalities are important, and we want to make sure that both you are a good fit for <AT> and <AT> is a good fit for you!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Still looking!
I know you warlocks, hpals and mistweavers are out there. Come say hi!
Stlill looking!
Where are those single target focused healers at? :O
Need some locks
Zek'voz down, and we found some locks!

I play MW.


Needs updated! @Xeno, would definitely be interested in talking further! Please add me to bnet, Serival#1762.

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