Saturday Night Raid Team!

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Guild Name: Mythic Kings & Queens
Faction: Horde
Raiding Progression: Uldir 5/8 Normal, 0/8 Heroic, 0/8 Mythic.
In need of: we do a 2/4/9 set up, Open Spots: 2 Healers, 6 damage. We will pay for a Transfer once we get to know you and you see us as a good home for your character, a 30 day trial period will be required for transfer along with good attendance but we also accept that real life matters more!

Battle Tag Information: Nsanejustice#1777 please give me a message of why your adding me or I may Decline it thanks and have a good day!

About us: We're a laid back family oriented guild. We raid on Saturday Nights @ 9:30 pm Server Time till we're all to tired for the night. We will help gear you up if needed as long as you put the solo effort in as well, we use discord for a lot of things, Including Raiding Events, Mythic Dungeons. and just overall hanging out and chit chatting.

P.S. Just because we say we're in need of a certain type or class, doesn't necessarily mean we're not gonna accept other friendly members!

Raid time: 9:30 pm Server, Contact me if your interested in game! by 8:45 pm server with your spec and class

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