380 Arms Warrior - LFG 4/8M+

Leave a comment here with your discord or btag please.
Current 3/8M Arms Warrior LF progression guild; (Currently have attempts on Fetid, none on Vectis).

I've been pugging and filling in for guilds since Uldir dropped, looking for a STABLE raid environment. Open to realm xfer or faction changes if guild seems to be a perfect fit.

Currently seeking a 4/8m+ guild in need of a warrior, more than willing to compete for a spot. Looking for a mythic+ team to push keys and have fun.
Raid Times Preferred: 7pm-1am EST
Days Preferred: Sunday - Thursday

Use to be in a top 50 world guild in previous expacs before taking a break. (I can put in the time and the alts if needed)

Alts: 376 Blood DK - Open to gearing a healer (any class) - Working on leveling a warlock next I believe.

Leave a comment here with your discord or btag please.
So we're not 4/8M, but we're 3/8M which is the same as you, and we have 3% wipes on Vectis this last raid night, so we're likely to be 4/8M soon.

Guild is <Accelerate>, an adult only guild. I prefer to keep our roster full of mature players. We're horde, and raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:30 - 10:30 PST.

Add Mariame#1624 if you have interest.

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