Leveling is actually not that bad 1-120

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11/03/2018 07:39 AMPosted by Cognyack
Prior to 7.2.5 you could level over a weekend, casually, if you knew what to do.

Blizzard removed XP potions, nerfed heirlooms, added level and item level scaling to mobs, killed group XP, killed dungeon XP, increased dungeon mob health.

Now its 60 hours or more depending on spec and general knowledge of zones and routes. Maybe 50+ if you really know what you are doing on an OP leveling spec.

7.0 Legion pre-patch invasions could level you up in a day, like 12 hours.

Your concept of easy lacks context.
/thread. Don't call nerfing every viable option to level outside of questing that we had for years a fix op, because it was not a fix at all. In your opinion it was a fix, but to many others it was just another useless nerf. These devs cant fix crap. All they know is nerf. #Buff Heirloom xp bonuses!
11/05/2018 03:50 AMPosted by Kolee
Guessing that the players unhappy with current WoW leveling are NOT the same players excited to play Classic? Because if you think this is too hard, too slow, or too grindy...

You would guess wrong.

And this point needs to die. The current leveling experience is absolutely nothing like classic. Not even close.
If they could delete 50-99 i would be fine.
11/03/2018 05:39 AMPosted by Sunday
Neat for you.

I tried it and won't level ever again

I leveled a Lightforged paladin and a nightborne spriest.

Wasn't a big deal.

It's still leveling which you either enjoy or don't enjoy. I personally enjoy doing the quests and roaming the zones/hearing the tales again. If you don't enjoy that then you never did like leveling.
11/05/2018 04:52 AMPosted by Therric
11/03/2018 05:39 AMPosted by Sunday
Neat for you.

I tried it and won't level ever again

I leveled a Lightforged paladin and a nightborne spriest.

Wasn't a big deal.

It's still leveling which you either enjoy or don't enjoy. I personally enjoy doing the quests and roaming the zones/hearing the tales again. If you don't enjoy that then you never did like leveling.

I enjoy it.


Without all the lore to take in, though, you're going purely on game mechanics, and when you're playing a class with half its abilities, that doesn't even have Mastery ... yeah. It's not good.

Hell, druids don't even get an interrupt until stupidly late for some reason.
11/03/2018 07:27 AMPosted by Mccade
Leveling is easier than its ever been
Never was hard to do in the first place. Took forever(tedium) ya, but hard? Nope. Unless you consider holding the w key down on your keyboard for 10 minutes to get from the barrens to ashenvale hard lol. Seriously anyone that uses the word hard to describe anything in a videogame needs to get off their bums, and get a job lol.
11/03/2018 05:08 AMPosted by Andrraste
I finished my LFD to 110 a little while ago in 2 days 4 hours played. I'm now slowly working on this toon. If you just put in a couple hours here and there instead of attempting to grind as fast as possible, it didn't feel that bad.

i did quests and was quite similar, 2 days, and 10 hours. i also did a lot of messing around too, so it realistically is probably quite similar times between questing and dungeon running.

i will say, it wasnt bad, but this is my 9th toon, so i dont think i will make anymore
Mobs take longer to kill. That was intentional. In attempt to improve levelling experience. And it worked imo.
11/03/2018 05:04 AMPosted by Tyriellais
I’m actually enjoying it as well.

If people can’t stand this, I wonder how they’ll put up with Classic, which was far slower.

But it’s a good experience overall. Mostly because the older content was mostly solid.

And I have plenty of time to level alts with how bad BfA’s content is.
idk i tried the demo and got to 15 in no time

I just did it pretty recently. I don't have any of the usual complaints about mob health, dungeons, or level scaling, which I actually really like. My only issue is that the overall time feels like too much. The speed with heirlooms is about what I intuitively feel like it should take without them. For reference, my Dark Iron for heritage armor took about 40-50 hours to get from 20-110 with full heirlooms and enchants. I wasn't speed running by any means, but I know the game pretty damn well after 12 years and leveling a bunch of characters.

The easiest solution for someone like me would be massively increase the XP bonus on heirlooms, let's say 2-3x. I also think, however, that the xp curve needs to be moved a bit higher. It seems to hit peak frustration from 40-80 when the part that requires the most effort should really be 90-120.
11/04/2018 10:44 PMPosted by Sacarver
MoP, WoD and legion are all designed to just throw xp at you, so you can usually clear them in a matter of hours.

I can't quote right on my phone but for me this is the opposite, I find MOP / cata to be the slog

I mentioned I had flying unlocked. It accelerates things greatly.

For me, By the time I had completed all the quests in Jade Forest, I had gone from level 80 - 87. I barely made it halfway through valley of the 4 winds before I was ready to go to WoD.

WoD is easy with flying. Download Handynotes for Draenor and do the quests while literally picking up xp laying on the ground, and doing the zone bonus objectives is a free level.

Legion? Legion was done in 6 hours. Invasion points is a free level.
I'm leveling 3 heritage armor alts and I enjoy it. People who hate leveling and want it faster are the reason we are getting Diablo mobile instead of Diablo 4.

Leveled 4 characters since the changes. It's mostly fine. Main complaint I have is that the Outland/Northrend range lasts ages while the Cata/Pandaria range gives you barely any time to do any of the zones. Would be better to shift that around a little bit, or just make all 4 expansions scale 60-90.
Sorry but the leveling need a total rewamp, its not fun, its about tedious , 50-80 is the worst cap levels to farm , no sense , at lvl 60 you have tons of quests for 12k xp ? ??? C'mon its Tedioussss , need some love !
I'm levelling a void elf hunter, who is currently at 63 in Northrend. I have been gaining, on average, 3 levels every 2 hours questing. I don't even look at dungeons any more for levelling, which would be at least 50% of my levelling before the nerfs. This is about half the rate of pre 7.3.5. At this rate, it will take 80 hrs to max level, but probably longer if it slows down at higher levels as some say.

These people claiming it takes 24 hours time played, please enlighten us with your wisdom, because I can't, for the life of me, figure out how you do it so fast.
i got this char to 110 right after the bfa pre-patch, took quite a long time. old world dungeons are too punishing for lfd and could use nerfs, the xp just isn't worth it. quest xp could use another bump from 30-80 range, 30-40 is pretty painful and 60-80 still is as well. 80-120 feels pretty good. I have a hunter stuck at 77, if I can just pain through til 80 it's pretty much easy street from there. random bgs are good xp, IF you win that is.
enchants/boas matter. elemental force and mark of the hidden are hilariously broken.
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    its the only way to get the heritage armor for the allied races.when the new allied races come out its get to the exalted faction required and a quest line then done.

    when you see the current allied races in their heritage armor it will mean more then just getting to exalted.
    11/05/2018 01:15 AMPosted by Murgrim
    11/05/2018 01:02 AMPosted by Xianmisuto
    People who say leveling is slow and bad are either just really bad at the game and die to level 5 gnolls repeatedly or don't know what they are talking about.

    i've leveled multiple toons since the leveling change and not once has it been slow in anyway. it's actually been faster.

    I also don't use heirlooms or any xp boosts.

    You sound so awesome you probably don't even use quest markers. You got em all memorized!

    Probably don't even bother using the quest rewards either. I mean, it would just slow you down equipping stuff you don't even need because your such a pro.

    No, actually people like you are the worst. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back too hard tough guy.

    Don't be a douche. It isn't needed. My point is leveling isn't slow. Its only slow to you because.

    A. You are probably being distracted every 5 minutes by reddit or Twitter.

    B. You are running dungeons which is slower and gives less xp.

    C. Just not running the best route.

    Yes heirloom gear will level you faster. But it's not needed.

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