Life Tap Please

Mana? No I have plenty of that. No need for Life Tap. Only way I could imagine you running low is overusing Drain Life and/or Fear.

Now... Lower cast times or instants? That I could get behind. :D

11/11/2018 07:16 AMPosted by Lockedheart
also curious how a 113 aff lock they should be lvling where stuff dies w/o much effort...

When I used to level as aff, it was literally DoT everything, send the blueberry in, and go gather stuff or pick flowers (since I used to have Herbalism).
it's better as it is now. you know you can always play classic next summer if you want stuff like life tap back or shards filling your bags. there's no reason to try to put it back in the current game when it doesn't make sense in current wow.
I loved Life Tap, it really fed into the class fantasy of locks exchanging their life for power of some sort.

However, mana is eventually gonna be removed, we all know it... it has no use and we already have a good resource system-soul shards.

But as earlier people have stated, it could find its use as a cooldown that gives you a soul shard, or perhaps an instant cast, similar to what Arcane Mages have.

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