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First Guide! Hope someone finds this helpful!

How To Raider IO

This guide was written to help new and old players understand mythic plus Raider IO system, why it is useful, and how to increase your score.

Legacy, it wasn't always raider IO:
In the old days, it was friend lists, then epics, then gear-score, then it was achievements. With M+ came the most comprehensive rating system ever, Raider IO. Regardless of all the posts about how raider IO sucks, there has always been a rating system and a way to measure players abilities.

Why is raider IO useful?
Raider IO is an MMR system, plain and simple. This helps groups recruit like minded players with comparable experience, commitment, and skill. Like any system, it is not 100% correct. You will see score req'd jump the 1k mark soon.

Unfriendly to Casuals:
Finding a high key group as a casual player can be difficult, because your score is just an indicator of time invested in M+. This is an area where guilds come in handy! I have helped several guild mates raise their scores to the respectable 800-1k range (My score is only 871!). If you are not that social in game, don't have many friends, or simply don't care to put groups together, Mythic Plus will continue to be difficult.


1. Understand the score: Did you know its easier to raise your score on a low pop server? It is easier to get a score the earlier you run your key? Blizzard only scores the top 500 keys. On high pop realms, later in the week, you HAVE to run a 10+ to get a score. This is because the top 500 spots are already taken by 10 keys. You can get a decent score 2 chesting 10x 8 keys.

2. Comprehensive: To get a 1k score, you need to run all 10 dungeons at a 10 difficulty in time and be scored. But 1k is not required! Start with a dungeon you NEED loot from. Level 5 or 6, and just run it 2-3 times. It will help you understand the place and give you more ammo to get into a better group.

3. The Tank: When it comes to tanking, M+ is the pinnacle for me. Nothing as sweet as joining a group and the tank knows every pull, mark, correct strat for the dungeon. Tanks that invest the time to know M+ are invaluable, and need to be on your friend list

4. Get Gud!: Not trying to be elitist, but when you start to get good at M+, invites will come to you.

5. Experience: No matter what your IO says, experience is the key. Knowing the pulls, the strategy, the affixes, the comp, and your role for every dungeon is what will propel you to an easy and fun M+ experience.

Closing: Its not always about the loot - make a real game of it.
If you are just doing M+ for the weekly chest, you are in it for all the wrong reasons. Having a small group of friends that meets up on scheduled day, throws their keys on the table, and starts going down the list of who needs what is where the fun begins. When out of nowhere, you time that 11 AD, or that 10 Kings Rest was cake! When you sub out a group member for a guildie or friend who needs to get started. Then the loot just falls from the sky.

Thanks For Reading!
Nice guide thanks
Raider IO is an MMR system, plain and simple.

Not so plain when a reader doesn't know what MMR stands for. I certainly don't.
I thought MMR was a shot you had to get before you went to school dont mean !@#$ if armoury is busted like it is now(raid progression not updating). ilvl hasnt updated on in over a week even though armoury has. so why use something thats not working properly and giving false info.

Micky Mouse Rules
No wonder people are complaining this !@#$ is aids. I only do one maybe 2 a week and I'm already bored of it.

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