Feral sucks and will always suck in bfa. Lets just forget about this spec and move on.
11/07/2018 12:52 PMPosted by Speedyfoof
Played nothing but Feral for 8 years straight. To this day, it is still may favorite spec in game. I started this Rogue when I read the changed they would be doing for Legion. After said changes became a reality, I benched my Feral for the first time in nearly a decade and mained this rogue. Only the 2nd toon I've played seriously for almost 11 years. I chose Mut because it reminds me a lot of old school feral with the bleed dot management. IDK why, but Blizz just hates Feral and I couldn't be a part of it anymore. KUDOS to you all for standing by what is still the greatest spec IMO.

Here's a feral that talks sense. Those of us who are still clinging on to the great white hope are stupid. I don't mean that in an offensive way, we just are! Rogue does have an old school feral feel to it, not as affective as feral used to be and that's the point really, 'used to be' the class is a 'has-been' and the longer we cling onto the idea that something is going to change, will effectively make us even more unhappier with the class.

I say drop it and move on.

If it ever comes back around then by all means we'll all pick it back up but until that day comes there's no point being loyal to frustration, because that is the only result we'll get with the current and by the looks of it, future state of the class.

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