[A] <Geezers Inc> LF Returning Players

Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale
Greetings all. If you're like me, then you're coming back to ol' Azeroth after years away and finding that a lot has changed. I used to raid competitively (and troll Ironforge during the wee AM hours) on Firetree during WotLK and have always loved the PvE progression side of this game. But my old guild isn't around after 9 years, so I'm putting together a guild for people like me -- old timers who are looking to flex our rusty fingers once again... who miss not standing in fire... and remember the teamwork and focus that a good raiding guild means.

Maybe you're still leveling up, maybe you've capped but are still trying to find a fit somewhere. That's okay. I'm looking for good companions to start the journey with. We can grow together as a guild, help each other, and have some fun along the way.

Ultimate goal is to become one of top raid progression guilds in the crossrealm and put <Geezers Inc> on the map. I want to get heavily into Timewalking as a guild and re-experience some beautiful old raids. I also have a few world PvE goals that I want to accomplish -- it's gonna get old school biblical, y'all.

Please note that I'm not creating a "casual leveling guild," but rather a place for older players who are serious about becoming elite again can form and grow together. Eventually we will have a raiding schedule, maybe even a Twitch channel. I'll be honest, there's still a lot I'm learning about how the game works now, but I want to learn it together.

So get in on the ground floor and let's win this Battle for Azeroth!


Applications are simple. You may reply here or mail Toadfoot-Firetree in the game with the following:

1) Main character(s) class, current level, current BfA raid progression (if any).

2) WoW experience

3) Favorite PvE memory

4) Personal game goals

5) Mods you use (or used to use) for raiding

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