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Hey all! I'm a long-time raider who recently took a bit of a break due to personal reasons all while my guild unfortunately disbanded. I still need to catch up on a lot of things, but I hope to start fresh with a new guild while I'm at it :)

Keep in mind: I haven't progressed whatsoever past LFR tier, but I'm a quick learner. I'll be watching videos and reading guides so I'm prepared for both wipes and victories.

* I'm currently looking for a guild beginning raid around midnight CST time. No exceptions! My work schedule is too unpredictable to allow me to do earlier.
* I have raided since MoP though as tank, mdps, and healer. I dabbled a bit in Mythic raiding though not much to be exciting for mythic progression.
* If feral gets better, I'd love to make it my OS. Otherwise I can use boomkin instead if needed. I can make it my MS if the guild is good and rdruid isn't a major need.
* I like progression, but I also do not want to see raiding as a second job. I like having fun, but being serious during boss fights.
* I'm fine with transferring/faction changing! I like my farmer woof, but a dinosaur druid is also pretty rad.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me at:

Btag: Dinosaur#1966
Discord: Dinosaur#6452
<REGENCY> on Mal'Ganis, Horde Recruiting for multiple teams!

Due to the mature nature of our atmosphere, we prefer all applicants to be 18+.

Check out our website for individual team needs and progression or hop in our discord to contact a recruiter immediately! All teams currently recruiting for BFA!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jetmdFy

Website: http://www.regencyguild.com/

Application: https://tinyurl.com/Regency-Raider-Application

Raid Teams
Legends of Chaos - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 3/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Time: 7pm to 10pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dirty Sand Skeletons - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 6/8 Heroic Uldir, 8/8 Normal Uldir
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST
Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Repulsion - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 7/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 9pm to 12am CST
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

Misfits - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 1/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 7:30pm to 10:30pm CST
Days: Friday, Saturday

Hallowed Ground - Mythic Raid Team
Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir, 8/8 Heroic Uldir
Times: 11pm to 2am CST
Days: Friday, Saturday

Recruitment Officers: Rynoir (Btag: ClaireBear#1202, Discord: Symmone#2172)
Chriztoph (Btag: Chriztoph#1117
Discord: https://discord.gg/jetmdFy
Website: http://www.regencyguild.com/
Not sure if I'm mythic raider material just yet, but thanks for the offer!

Still looking :)

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