How would you order your preferences

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1 - Race
2 - Class
3 - Faction

Pick which is most important to you. The other 2 dont matter. Any combination is possible.

I would pick Tauren. Any Class. Either faction.

Would you be ok with:

Faction first? Horde. But Gnome Shaman.
Class first? Druid. But Alliance Troll
If Orcs or Trolls could be Demon Hunters I'd swap in a heartbeat.

That being said I'm typically: Race > Faction > Class
Race > *.*
I generally go: Class > Race > Faction

The only exceptions would be Goblins and Vrykul.
Can I pick None of the Above?

I literally play all classes, all races, and both factions... I have no real preference to any of them over the others... I love them all... though there are some I want to see improved upon, but that's simply because those classes/races need improvements
Probably: Race > Class > Faction

I play both sides, but it just so happens all of my favorite races are on Alliance. I'm pretty ok with playing most classes too, though I like some more than others. Race and aesthetics are more important than the actual playstyle to me.
Class > Race > Faction
Faction, always faction.
Hmm. Tough one. I guess faction > class > race, though there are races I prefer (Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls) and ones I barely touch at all (Humans, Gnomes, Worgen). I just like the Horde zones and theming (save Burny McMurderwitch & Co.) better than I like castles and battlements and horse troops. :P
Tauren females own my heart. If I didn't have a few friends that played ally I'd swap my druid so fast.

So I guess for me its race.
I didn't get a choice when I made this toon I wanted to play warlock and my friends were playing alliance at the time my choices were gnome or human so in effect
class > faction > race
Class of course. If I don't enjoy what i'm playing then i'll burn out.

Faction second, because i need to be where friends are

Race last, but some classes I won't play on horde. for reasons.
Race then Class. Faction is determined by race.

i love the hunter class and had Undead hunters been a thing when i created this toon he would be undead.

another that is part of race, i suppose, is how the toon acts on screen. i just dont like goofy looking toons.
Class >class>race, race only matters for maximum puntential
Race, then class. Faction is usually not even a point for me, since I like both.

Tauren, Worgen, Pandaren and Orcs are my favorite races. Followed by Druids, Warriors, Paladins, and (Survival) Hunters for classes. Faction is irrelevant for me.
Faction, race, class

I can't stand alliance because of the huge focus on humans (which would be fine if they weren't so generic boring medieval trope)
BM hunter
don't care for this faction war

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