We lost our spirit

Why we can’t have specialized talent and all useful flourish spell for Hunters?
So right now ppl rely on high dps since there is only I best talent (cuz all other talent combo are so trash!)

For some reason that diff ppl like diff talents I understand like someone like not moving shoot someone like shoot while running (MM) right? So we have 3 BM MM SV

BM we focus on our pet(s) so forget bout all the bugs we have that are already insane but couldn’t be expect more way to play? On pet talent compare with 2 pet talent ?

MM same marks with moving or not moving get diff buffs

The worst is SV no matter how dps we can make we have no spirit! That’s so sad! traps are useless (cc adds exceptions) what’s our spirits here ? Natural damage? How to stack MB buff? What? We are survival I like how they make us both melee and range but could be better

Pets all same damage? Diff looks why do you thing we only for that .1 dps differences then we gonna forget the lovely cute pet? No ! (oh maybe they have no money give to them to fix bugs )

Finally I know coding is suck especially we have pets and all kinds insane but we hunters love this game we love who we are and right now we lost our spirit (especially SV)

Guys we can definitely change bliz give us more “lovvvvvve” i have 3 hunters already I just love how the hunter works we have so many useless trash right now only focus on we way play.
It seems like just blaming
I’m not a mad boi
Just we can have more fun and we all love fun and various way to play hunter
Guys we can make this happen
11/08/2018 08:37 PMPosted by Letstk


Channels inner noise marine. THINGS SHALL GET LOUDER NOW
If the hunter designer don’t like what he designed what’s the point!
I can fell that we got some trash in our talent tree why couldn’t be more fun
Rather than just keep pressing one to three keys to pursue the highest dps
Players are not stupid we pay our faith our another life in here and could we have more options on our traits or spells or talents or the way to play in one speciality.
Not hard to brain storm and try new things right for you Bliz
And not so hard to pure your love to design if you TRULY like Hunter

We don’t need a fast food style game especially in here in this world our second life here
Probably I’m the only one don’t satisfy
11/09/2018 02:35 PMPosted by Letstk
Probably I’m the only one don’t satisfy

You are not the only one. Thing with hunters been trash since it was decided too go with a sniper fantasy that called for missiles shooting out a bow that weaved about hitting everything in thier path rather than just expanding on the perfection that MM was during WoD which was a crap xpac yet I had more fun playing MM and pvping than in the most two recent xpacs
11/09/2018 02:35 PMPosted by Letstk
Probably I’m the only one don’t satisfy

You are far from the only one. We've just given up. Blizzard has shown us time and time and again that we are second class citizens who don't deserve a well rounded and tested set of specializations. Survival is great, but why do we need yet another great melee spec in this already glutted with melee game?

They have repeatedly spit in the faces of hunters, forcing us to take what they give us rather than what they know we want. I don't expect this to change anytime soon.

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