No Xmog from classic to live Bad idea no mounts titles fine and yes raided in vanlla to naxx

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11/09/2018 06:46 PMPosted by Brahmina
Palomino is a yellow horse with white mane and tail. Like Trigger. While the Dapple Grey and Quel'dorei horses are attractive in their own right, they are not Palomino.

LOL ur right i confused it with the white armorless one with name.
11/09/2018 05:14 PMPosted by Velara
11/09/2018 03:41 PMPosted by Romanna
Classic didn't have transmogs.

He's not asking for transmog in Classic.

He wants to be able to use gear farmed on the Classic server in his live transmog.

Largely, I suppose, because so much of it is unavailable now.

I’m pretty sure most people understand what he is saying. It’s just a bad idea. Next thing you know, people would be crying that they should be able to ride their Black Proto Drake or Swift Zulian Tiger on live or apply their title they earned on classic or whatever. That takes away from veterans who acquired those things before they were removed. It’s already bad enough that posers are going to be posting about how things were back in “vanilla” when they actually weren’t there. I think it’s ridiculous that they’re releasing classic to begin with. Are they going to implement the patches and expansions all over again? Let the past stay in the past.
I wouldn't mind transmog in classic, but later after it's well established.
We already had that it’s called retired vintage prestige items.
If you want transmogs in retail WoW BFA is waiting for you.
No transmog in Classic and no unlocking Classic appearances on Live through Classic.

Blizzard handled this right.
OP needs to learn what a sentence is.
If you plan on playing classic for xmog then you probably should stick to retail
If players could transfer characters from Classic Servers to Retail, it would be a good thing for both groups, and for multiple reasons that should be pretty obvious if your not a part of the people who caused Classic to be redesigned. I speak of the people who engaged in insane amounts of deception, elitism and general doosh-baggery to ensure 'they' were the first to ring the gong or complete X or Y.

There was a Human Mage on my old server. Ran through several guilds and knew several people were completing the scepter. He actually got their help and swore up and down he'd help them in turn. Because of his DKP, he was given the completed one first but only received those items under the promissory that he would wait for the others to complete their's the following week so everyone at that level, could do it as a server community. It was a nice moment where all the raiding guilds of that server came together as a community to step up and work together.

Well our "Scarab Lord" waited till most people were asleep and 45 seconds were left on the shutdown for servers maintenance. As soon as Server Shutdown started, he rang it so "Scrubs don't deserve to get this stuff." The GMs thankfully reversed that and so the other people got their mounts and titles, but it still goes without saying. Does Blizzard want that part of Classic as well? True to form for Classic, but maybe not wise for a long term investment.

1.) When all players are max level, and have cleared all raids there will be no incentive to do older dungeons. Remember. No LFD, or Scaled Dungeons. Thus dungeoning will stagnate.

2.) No reason to do raids once Naxx is cleared. Because realistically there is nothing left to do. You beat the game. Now if you could continue to search for Transmogs, but the caveat was your toon was gone forever once transferred, this would be ideal as it would create a revolving door of new characters for questing, dungeons, and raiding. It would make for a more robust server.

3.) Resets every year. I realize some people are all geeked out about becoming Scarab Lord, but this is also a one time deal. While admittedly there is a prestige to such things, is it worth making classic stagnant over so it's closed down and you lose it?

For this reason I think cycling through raid opening events like the AQ pre-patch, gate opening, and so on would make for a more robust server. Old players would go back to retail. New ones would strive for it, and thus there would always be a reason to be engaged in the race to open the gates.

The alternative is that WoW Classic does what it did the last time. It dies off in 2-3 years, but without the Burning Crusade expansion to look forward to. You think you know the past, but you don't. I do however. I was there. My Tabard of the Protector and Zulian Stone Axe prove it.

4.) If the above is a bust, consider making a Caverns of Time Portal so your retail players can enjoy Classic too. Scale it, remove specific prestige items like Corrupted Ashbringer / Scarab Lord / Ati'esh etc. The original game's leveling experience was FAR more enjoyable than that Cataclysm "improvements".

Do remember that a lot of this Classic push came from people who were threatening you, and who were also pirating your game. It seems strange that they should profit, while your more loyal fanbase can't go back and get mogs they may of missed the first time.
11/09/2018 03:40 PMPosted by Blackshift
I think it is a terrible idea to not link your closet to live from classic btw NOT I repeat NOT asking we get xmoging in classic I just want the closet linked to live so what we get in classic we can xmog in live

Blizzard said, "no."

Classic is "classic Vanilla."

Having it linked to live would input a "tourist" demographic, which Classic enthusiasts do not desire.

Blizzard knows and recognizes this.

Also, they are Blizzard so they have an evil agenda where they don't want you to have nice things, while they also make games for mobile now.
11/09/2018 04:21 PMPosted by Snikrot
What xmogs are people looking for that we can't get now? Isn't almost all of it still in game and much easier to farm at level 120?

T3 Armor, Corrupted Ashbringer, Black Qiraji Battle Tank, Dungeon Set and it’s upgrade, Zulian Tiger, and a few more.

Basically all content either removed or relegated to the BMAH (which sucks).

People hate not being able to go back and get stuff, but Blizz keeps removing more and more stuff.

The thing about those Classic looks is that, pre-Xmog, they meant that the toon wearing them had earned and unlocked them. And, if we are talking about looks that were in Vanilla, but which can no longer be obtained, I also feel those ought to remain exclusive to Classic.

Classic is a different experience of WoW. It's rewards, like its challenges, should remain unique. It is enough that I have learned far more about how to play a variety of classes since Vanilla - I am a better player. I'll have a better opportunity to pursue looks I couldn't earn then, and I look forward to it.

Keeping those exclusive to Classic will give that game an appeal all its own. It will need that, to succeed.
Literally nothing looks good in classic so I'll be fine.
he he hehehahahahahhahaha

really? really? wow OP you dont know a bloody thing do you
I recently came up with a really nice Hunter transmog. Turns out pants and shoes I need are from Vanilla PVP.. It’d be nice if the armor you got from classic transferred into your closet on live...but I also think it will be fun to go farm for everything all over again and show it off.
People wanted classic you got classic and what classic had back during vanilla, includes no transmog since It didnt exist in vanilla. If they did add it it wouldn't be classic now would it? Got what you asked for and if you dont like it then dont play it simple.

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