Light in the Darkness - Toy Treatment

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To be clear, I'm talking about this item from the paladin order hall.

Why is this not a toy? It should be a toy, and one that works anywhere and not just the broken isles.

It's not like paladins get any toys or cool cosmetic abilities from their order hall, unless I am much mistaken. Was this a toy at some point and some senior designer saw it and did the usual villainous cackling of "FUN DETECTED!" before turning it into this junky item that's useless beyond the previous expansion?

It would also be a nifty and thematic way to return to paladins the ability to track demons and undead that's rightfully theirs and was taken away at some point or other.

Doesn't matter now, but you have an easy way to make it up to them. So do kindly do the right thing and make it a toy, s'il vous plait.
Eh... even if it was made into a toy they would probably slap on some ludicrous cooldown onto it like 30m buff, 24h CD.

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