Siege of Boralus

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After many failed groups, I finally completed this dungeon earlier today.

Is it just me...or does this dungeon seem over tuned for a mythic dungeon that drops 340 gear? As a casual player it's bad enough a mythic dungeon is a requirement to advance in story line, why make Siege of Boralus more difficult than a normal mythic?
dont be absurd
You have to know the mechanics. Partnering with someone who explains what to do makes it go easy
It's not over tuned. The fights are actually really easy if you do the mechanics.

IF you just want to zerg bosses, then yeah, you'll have problems.

It's actually a good dungeon for new players to learn how to play. The game needs more of them, because too many people enter high end content without being exposed to anything all that meaningful.
super easy and one of my fav dungeons think this is a good place for ...

It's not hard at all, all the mechanics are things you've done before in every dungeon/raid in the expansions before.
It really isn't that bad. The trash dangers are mainly people standing in flagrantly-telegraphed bladestorm and bright-!@# fire. The first three bosses are easy. Main challenge is the final boss, which mostly comes down to tunnel vision and people zooming way the hell ahead of their healer with a dot on them.

The dungeon is the final boss of the entire Alliance plotline. It's appropriate.
It's one of the easier dungeons tbh. Kings Rest has much less forgiving trash (especially on fort, but it still applies to 0s) and arguably harder bosses. Unless everyone is sleeping the first 3 bosses can largely be ignored mechanics wise (since it's a 0 the boss doesnt have enough health) and the last boss is usually boiled down to spread out, dont stand in swirlies, and stick a melee dps on the constrictor and the other 2 dps on the demolisher.

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