CMV: the faction war story is badly written for both factions

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Horde-side, it's basically a Sylvanas/Forsaken fan fiction. If you're a fan of Thrall's Horde of old you're absolutely hating the writing right now. Story just seems to be MoP/Garrosh 2.0 almost following the exact same story developments. Forsaken can seemingly do whatever they want and nothing happens to them. (ignore the last panel)

Alliance-side, they're basically the victims of the Sylvanas/Forsaken fan fiction. Teldrassil gets blasted in an incredibly unrealistic way just to torture Night Elf fans. Alliance writers seem unsure about where to take the faction, and they don't have as much of a theme as the Horde does.

Literally the only people I can see actually being fine with the current faction war writing are the Sylvanas fanboys.

Although the Zandalar questlines are pretty good. And the Kul'Tiras quests from what I've played through are good too.

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