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I logged on, checked my emissary, walked around for a little, then I logged out.

There's nothing to do, especially with M+ being so terrible this week, the affixs are seriously hot garbage when combined in this way.

The only thing I have to tide me over is old mount farms (which I've already done most of for this week, did get mim's head last week though, woot!) and raids, which is only Tuesday Thursday, I'm literally logging in twice a week max AT THE BEGINING OF THE EXPANSION, WHAT?!

This usually doesn't happen until the end of the expansion, never before in any expansion has this ever happened to myself, or so many others THIS early.
We are 3 months into the game and last night I was the only person (in 2 guilds) online. I have 2 fully leveled (all zones) geared raiding toons, and 3 other fully leveled and geared alts. During legion, I didn't even have an alt leveled much less fully geared until the xpac was almost over.

There is so much lost potential in this xpac, the IE quests you get could be expanded to more than just going to talk to some guy and get some AP. The warfronts could be expanded so that you could lose them if you don't really work together as a team, doing warfronts and IEs could lead you to bigger and better things, but they don't. There is zero incentive to running these things beyond what is required to get that 1 piece of 370 gear (that won't be useful), or the 2500 AP a week.

And since the mythic + system is broken, people don't bother with those as the rewards aren't worth the headache.

It feels like the end of an xpac and that we've been in the xpac for 3 years, not 3 months. I hate to say it, but at least in WOD, we could spend time making gold off of missions and quests -_- The economy in BFA is so tanked that's difficult. I even had potions expire on the AH yesterday. Not a good sign.
questing was ok on bfa. Not even close to the best for me. Wod was better. Legion was way better. End content is a bad. Cant believe they put so little effort into it.
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...Legion yes WoD no.

At 8 weeks into WoD, it was not nearly this reviled.

WoD became reviled with a content drought that ran well over a year.
If that was the case, MoP shouldn't be liked.
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1) The itamization changes aren't unique to BFA. This is still the same system Legion worked on.

No, it isn't.

Legion had homogenized itemization for standard ilvl drops, but legendaries that often impacted your rotation/secondary stat preference. The trinkets were also more balanced and interesting.

2) Profession changes were made to make sure people who started in BfA or changed professions didn't have to go back and level everything just to be on par with everyone. Over all what's being made is mostly the same.

This isn't a response. This is arm waiving.

3) Those raids were also fairly simplistic. If I recall, they overturned the bosses back then to provide fake difficulty. Personally I'd rather have one thought out raid over 5 "hope your item level is high enough to beat him" raids.

Did you play TBC?

It wasn't "overtuned" it had a lot of mechanics that you had to learn. Kara was probably harder than heroic mode is today because every boss had 4-5 mechanics the raid had to learn

The raid difficulty was higher. Every trash pack and boss had mechanics. Everyone had to be min/maxing even in late tier 4. But to claim Guul's or Mag's or Kara wasn't fun is ridiculous.

5) The pathfinder argument is old. Flying isn't a fix all to everything. On top of that both Kul'tiras and Zandalar are easy enough to navigate without and the flight whistle makes it easy to get to a flight path, making flying mostly moot.
6)The trend seems every other expansion is a new class. BC also did not add new classes, it just fixed one of Vanilla's glaring issues with it's new races.
7)The "dumbing down" is mostly a result of losing our overpowered artifacts. This was a result we knew was coming. I'm not saying class balance is perfect atm.
8)That complex talent tree was also stupidly cookie cutter. It offered no deviation if you wanted to do anything. I can look at the current talent tree and see a few "Your choice" options. And even then I can deviate from the recommended if there's a talent I didn't like. The old one was super simplistic in the buffs too. I will agree they need to rework the levels for talents though and add new tiers, though I also understand that would be a huge undertaking for essentially 36 classes. The current tree just seems easier for the devs to make changes to.

You've basically admitted my point: that devs are making tons of changes to the game for design expediency purposes, rather than for fun and immersive gameplay reasons.
I'd like to point out that I made a dumb move trying to attack BC. No I started late wrath so I didn't play BC and was mostly going off of what others have told me and I'm sorry. However I stand by the fact that this isn't as bad as WoD. You can see Blizz actually trying to correct mistakes they can. WoD they gave up and expected Legion to clean up the mess. Which it did but they still couldn't be bothered to do much to it.
Class design is bad. I have more alts than ever.

I don't do world quests, grind AP, or island expeditions. I sparsely do warfronts just to gear.

I don't do mythic+. I don't find it compelling. I'm not actually diving deeper into the unforgiving parts of the 'World' in WoW. I'm repetitively doing the same content with bigger numbers.

I don't do raids anymore, since all of my friends quit. The number one complaint? PvE isn't fun and it's just an atomized theme park ride.

I literally just sit in the dueling area talking to people while I wait for my BG to pop, then get bored of streamlined classes and switch to an alt.

This game just lacks the depth I expect from an RPG and the social elements I want from an MMO.
welcome to World of Dungeoncraft, that has cheap filler for outside of dungeons, some where along the way these developers started thinking that everyone who plays a mmoRPG just wants to sit in dungeons 24/7 and nothing else matters.
If you’re bored with the game then stop playing it.
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have a break

have a kit kat

Im not burned out this game just isnt fun. It used to be. Explain to me the fun in completing world quests.

I rather enjoy the eat fish as a shark or penguin sledding quests.
Sorry you feel that way, I'm enjoying everything in BFA.
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11/13/2018 04:29 PMPosted by Magaloku
Im not burned out this game just isnt fun. It used to be. Explain to me the fun in completing world quests.

I rather enjoy the eat fish as a shark or penguin sledding quests.
Turtle quests aren't the worst either. And the usual "Beat up this guy" is quick and painless. Honestly, rather do WQs than sit in a garrison all day.
Woah you got all the ie rewards? All the mounts and pets. I have to say even with the slight buff and people mostly figuring out how they drop, that's impressive. You must have been running them non stop for a few weeks.
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have a break

have a kit kat

Im not burned out this game just isnt fun. It used to be. Explain to me the fun in completing world quests.

Then go play a game you find fun.
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World quests, crafting, world bosses, gathering are all straight up boring and offer meaningless rewards. Islands and warfronts also provides 0 entertainment.
Raiding is fine. Mythic plus is fine but lack rewards (whats the point of 370 gear when you are 375 or 380 ilvl). Which btw you can very easily get to with time and effort.
The open world content overall is just extremely boring and I play video games to have fun. Game isnt what it used to be in terms of fun.

That's because all of their best devs are working on Moblie wow and other mobile titles.

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