What's your desktop wallpaper?

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an image of Saint Michael casting Lucifer out of Paradise
Mine actually has nothing to do with gaming.. It is of an astronaut free floating in space with the earth at the bottom.
Usually one of a dozen or so starscapes.
I haven't changed the background. It's still some dark blue Windows generic screen.
My phone's wallpaper is a Protoss Pylon so that it is always powered.

My computer wallpaper is a screenshot I took of Lil' Ragnaros in Molten Core with Ragnaros in the background.
Composited stills from Tron: Uprising.
11/14/2018 07:56 AMPosted by Gávilar
Mine's Shia Labeouf in the 'just do it' squat.

It helps me stick to my routine.

Wow never knew a douche like that could be motivational
I have two ultra hot blood elves, one male one female, embracing romantically. It's very sweet, and being bi I like them both :)
a giant BRAWNDO (The Thirst Mutilator) logo
Currently a pic from southern Scotland in the borders region.
It's called Scott's View, it's the place Sir Walter Scott used to visit,
My own digital art on rotation. Elaborate swords, daggers, spears, etc.
My cat.

Yes I'm a crazy cat lady, so sue me!
Currently, it's Sir Zeliek from the four horsemen in Naxx. I rotate through pictures of my favorite characters from the game. Before Zeliek I had a picture of C'thun.
Rotation of cyberpunk artwork.

Also.. cats are for eating.
batman riding a shark in space
The first cave/radio scene from Oxenfree. One of my all-time favorite indie titles next to Life is Strange.
It changes quite often so i can't really pick one.

I just put up images from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site.


Edit: This is my current image - https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap181019.html
A wolf in snow.
mines just a soldier holding a rifle, dark skies while in the back is ruins of a city.

i like his clothing so i picked it.
Ama Dablam in HD, the Himalayas are my dream bucket list trip.

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