What's your desktop wallpaper?

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A hazy forest :).
Cheesy moment of the night....

A photo I took on a dinner cruise of the sun setting over the ocean.
Black screen because I have sex in RL
Shin Hisako from KI here a Photo and info on her

Mine is an art piece of my character done as a commission by 12amu, and my windows lock screen is a posed pic of two cosplayers dressed as Sylvanas and Jaina fighting.
Atm it's an Into the Breach screenshot.
May or may not be a slow rotation of various Pandaren art.
Sylvanas smirking at Anduin
Some slideshow of gorgeous kitty cats that probably came with WIndows. <sigh>
Husband put an Ugandan Knuckles wallpaper on my laptop as an April's fools joke. Haven't changed it since then.

He still has a Grumpy Cat WP on his, also because April's fools
Bakugo from My Hero Academia
My doggo.
The namesake
Star Wars Storm Troopers Last Supper...
Right now I have this:


With Fiona in Boralus I really hope we get another quest chain with her and her caravan.
Right now it's a screenshot of the WSG loading screen. Before that I think it was a picture of the Ruins of Isildien in Feralas.

For anyone who likes taking screenshots and in-game photography, the early engineer-made device [Ornate Spyglass] is pretty cool. It functions the same as Hunters' Eagle Eye or Shaman's Farsight, and you can get some really nice screenshots with it.
Thick blue birb sitting on it's nest, I like birbs.
11/14/2018 07:56 AMPosted by Gávilar
Mine's Shia Labeouf in the 'just do it' squat.

It helps me stick to my routine.

I don't know who that is. :-O
A dog doing the "duckface" with pringles.

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