What's your desktop wallpaper?

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WoW Screenshot of me and my lover.
It's a little kitten hanging from a tree branch and under the kitten it says Hang in There!
A guy holding a sword fighting a dragon.
Photo I took of a rustic, falling down barn.

This one currently.

I actually switch between guild wars 2 wallpapers a lot, they have some good background art.
It's a sunset landscape photo my daughter took, she takes great photos.

I usually have hubble telescope photos as my background. I love space, nature, and the ocean.
Sometimes I use funny photos or memes from shows I like such as TWD, or Supernatural.
11/14/2018 08:13 AMPosted by Minniemoose

This is my WP at the moment. I make tags and wallpapers from art work I buy from online stores that require a licence to use and when I feel arty I make pretty things.

FYI I am not an artist I use online tutorials to help me. I dabble in Paintshop Pro.
I like your design, but it's a little too pink for me.
Concept art for the game Duelyst by Anton Fadeev

His stuff is great for anyone who isn't aware of him.

The Warbringer art of Sylvanas, Saurfang, and Nathanos marching towards Teldrasil before the burning.
My desktop wall paper is the picture of Benjamin Franklin from the 100 dollar bill giving me that disappointed and disapproving look knowing that I should be doing more with my free time than playing WoW and being on the forums.
An image of a fantasy male elf hunter drawing his bow. It's been my wallpaper for so long, I haven't got the heart to change it.
From windows themes, pretty places I'll never visit.
I change mine fairly frequently. Right now it's this Skyrim fanart: https://imgur.com/GmxiHv9

My favorite is usually this: https://imgur.com/0yZDVou
Epic scene from an epic game (Final Fantasy IX)
I use a rainbow that is also a zombie because I love both of those things. :)

Mine is boring at the moment. Just the MacOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers. Don't really look at the desktop much. My three monitors are always full of apps.
11/14/2018 08:21 AMPosted by Blizky
From windows themes, pretty places I'll never visit.

Same. But maybe I will visit one or two sometime.
A picture of the Smokey Mountains taken from a cabin we rented near Gatlinburg Tennessee.
My current wallpaper is an old screenshot from City of Heroes.
A black screen. I like to keep it simple.

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