What's your desktop wallpaper?

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This "night elf blademaster" fan art. I dig it. And I'm currently leveling a nelf arms warrior, so it's appropriate.
My wife and kids.
I usually use some sort of anime or fantasy artwork for mine. It changes all the time.

This is my current one:

Home: Edit - drawing of a hunter on a ladder looking down at Yharnam from Bloodborne

Work: Sindrgosa flying
cant say what mine are. cause i get formed banned.

look up hunter are evil
This, spanning both monitors. (Shot along the Blue Ridge Parkway.)

(Helps to have identical, and calibrated monitors so there's no difference between the two.)
Default Windows, because I don't want my parents seeing how naughty I am.
My wife. Also that rotates with a picture of FFX and KH lol.
The Doom Marine ripping and tearing his way through hell.
Spooky desk with a skull, goblet, books, candles, etc:

A Fender Telecaster, 1972 Thinline Custom model.
This, spanning both monitors. (Shot along the Blue Ridge Parkway..

Dude that is an awesome idea! I'd love to do something like that. I've got a lot of lovely scenery photos after I went to Switzerland earlier this year. That place is gorgeous.
The default screen saver that the custom pc shop put on it when i bought it in july.

Its a pretty cool one black with their red logo on it in 3d.
An elk in Yellowstone.
I download a new windows theme when I get tired of what I'm looking at.

Currently it's a bunch of closeups of various plants and stuff that make strikingly good pictures. I like the idea of the picture rotating, so it's nice to get a new image every time it starts up.
A Hubble telescope image of "Interacting Galaxies Arp 273".

It's humbling and invigorating to realize that the five flaring stars in front are within our Milkyway galaxy, and are between us and the two pictured galaxies, which are 350 million light years away...and that every other speck of light in the picture is yet another full galaxy even further away.

A picture I took from Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. I love that it's cloudy and overcast. Not the usual bright sunny desert. It's a fond reminder of an amazing and unexpected trip.
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Mine's Shia Labeouf in the 'just do it' squat.

It helps me stick to my routine.

A screen shot of the mountain range and rice paddies in Pandaria north of Halfhill
The phases of the moon.

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