What's your desktop wallpaper?

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I did a few animated wallpapers on wallpaper engine.

Jaina from Warbringers


Also Jaina from Warbringers


Saurfang from Old Soldier

A picture of 3 pigs dressed up for Mardi Gras
11/14/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Dvis
11/14/2018 11:35 AMPosted by Revolutionx
yEAH horde loves to bring it up constantly. Just about every chance they get, it will be mentioned. Not sure what the thrill of it is though.

Pretty sure its a cyclical thing. Horde mentions it, Alliance gets salty, so Horde keeps mentioning it. If Alliance would stop letting it bother them, the novelty of bringing it up constantly would probably lessen.

Then again, in a thread like this, one should be able to appreciate a beautiful animation while separating their ingame character's feelings about the event.

There's lots of art I don't appreciate based on the content. Anime creators love to use a lot of blood and gore that I just don't like most of the time. So yes... content can affect that.

As for this specific instance, it's not just the background in question that I'm complaining about, but something that keeps coming up from the same source.
Zagara and some zerg
Currently it is Thanos in Fortnite lol
Blank black screen.
I've got a rotating wallpaper theme currently showcasing Autumn in Japan. It's almost time to get my Christmas bells on!

Was for the Halloween season. Time for a change, I guess.
11/14/2018 10:33 AMPosted by Lovefool
Nothing too special.

/a wild Lovefool's desktop appears


Looks like I'm the only one brave enough so far to post an actual desktop pic :)
Windows default
A picture of my old dog, who I lost to renal failure about six months ago.
A siloutte of Thanos holding the Infinity Gauntlet with colored beams shooting from each gem.
Spyro Reignited Trilogy related - of Spyro posing.
11/14/2018 09:30 AMPosted by Leyami

Pretty awesome, right there
A Halloween wallpaper that I like so much I haven't swapped it out yet.

The end of the month I'll put up something Christmasy until it gets old, then swap it out. Sometimes I have WoW wallpaper, or pics of my CoX characters I had commissioned back in the day, but they rarely last as long as this one has.

Just an example of what ends up as my wallpaper on occasion...this is sfw despite the name...boobies are the birds

11/14/2018 12:05 PMPosted by Miadra
A picture of 3 pigs dressed up for Mardi Gras

So you have Whoopi Goldberg, ROsie Odonnel and Joy Behar as wallpaper? HEHE I keed
11/14/2018 10:30 AMPosted by Melithiria
11/14/2018 10:28 AMPosted by Ythisens
A while back someone on Reddit took all of the Artifact backdrops and blew them up into 4k images.

Do you have a link for this? Please? :o

Yes, a link please!
Mine is Wally's picture. I clicked my dude and hit the export picture. i love me some Mag'Har Orc heritage armor
11/14/2018 07:56 AMPosted by Gávilar
Mine's Shia Labeouf in the 'just do it' squat.

It helps me stick to my routine.


FFXIV desktop thing.

This is a cool one too:


FFXIV feels kind of like those, more friendly and more like a busy city/crafting/AH hub.
I used to have screen shots from vanilla of my original warlock when he hit level 60. I went around to all the zones and took pictures of iconic places in game with my warlock in the fore ground. My favorite was in Winterspring on the highest reachable peak at night with the moon in the back drop.

For the time, it was an awesome shot.

Good times!

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