What's your desktop wallpaper?

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Grell Sutcliff holding a blooded human heart in one hand and a scalpel in the other. It's rather good fan art. By a russian artist I believe, I forgot their name. The original wasn't a wallpaper though, but someone cropped it.

11/14/2018 10:28 AMPosted by Ythisens
the shot of Sylvanas burning Teldrassil and it looks just gorgeous.

Knew it. Horde bias confirmed among Blizz staffs.
A ship.
Kelly Hu & Padma Lakshmi
Kayden Kross
Bloodborne dlc concept art for the Research Hall zone.

I have the program Wallpaper Engine, theres tons of community made wallpapers that are animated. Some people even threw videos up there, it's pretty neat and not expensive at all.

Mines currently two animated dark souls boss fights.
a landscape photo that is split between my dual monitors - it's a WoW photo (probably fan art) that depicts the original horde leaders on the left and the original alliance leaders on the right - it's dated 2004-2009 on the picture

I think I've been using this photo for literally years now.

Edit: it's signed "Wei 2009" in the bottom left
Just some generic landscape
Mine is the inside of an abandoned building.
This is my wallpaper: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/66125-frosted-butts
Right now I'm at work so it's a pretty fall outdoor scene.
Solid black with the Arch Linux emblem (red) in the middle.
I think I have a portrait of Quel'thalas from the novels.
A cute otter swimming on his back holding his rock
Cause otters are my spirit animal
That shot where Hela is killing the Valkyries in Thor Ragnarok

11/14/2018 08:07 AMPosted by Felsavior
Examon from digimon on my work pc.

That's awesome.
A high def NASA photo of the moon.
11/14/2018 08:00 AMPosted by Tovi
My favorite WoW screen shots on rotate.

An oil painting of an undersea garden, complete with mermaid:

Windows 98 wallpaper.

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