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I'm Lowvalley Highmountain... Tauren Warrior
My first character name (started on Shadow Moon when it was still two words) and still my favorite.
Hello any Animal Mystic fans. So long ago. :(
Can’t get any better than a cute little Gnome named Nutts
IRL I am descended not only from the McEwan clan, but from the gentleman who founded McEwan's brewery. Their scotch ale is still being made today and is distributed in the states, at least where I am.

Seemed appropriate for a dwarf. ;)
Hello there.

I love this char's name. It was created a long time ago. That is why I post on her. :)
I started using T'Challa as my wizard character name in 1976 in D&D. I've used the name ever since, whenever I play a Mage in a game. I started playing computer games in the 1980s. My 1st MMO was DAOC in 2001, My 2d was WoW in 2004.

Where did I get the name? Another student, who I was in a play with in 1967, was named Karl T'Challa Dierup. I liked the name.

Many years later, I learned that "T'Challa" was the real name (like "Clark Kent") of the comic book superhero "The Black Panther", who first appeared in comics in 1966.
My main! *hand flip* of course
I am still looking for my Gnomeo.
I'm a puppycat.
Most "random-generated" names are Zxizotlibux or Illillillildanileah or something like that. Amazingly, the random gave me Tikkle. How could I resist?

Tickle a goblin and what do you get?
I'd rather not know, and I hope I forget.
What the Hooch?
So, I never play this alt, but I just can't delete her, I love that name so much.
Because lets face it. The name Cashcollecta fits so nicely with a goblin. Especially a goblin rogue in a pimp mog.
First of her name. Others are imitations, me, or my kid.

edit: Too bad the "new" Armory doesn't show them all, like it used to.
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hans, RUN!!

I almost had to... push you... to tell me what that meant.

It's the flavor text of a Magic card, Lhurgoyf.

"Ach! Hans, run! It's the Lhurgoyf!"
—Saffi Eriksdotter, last words

It was a phonetic pun.
This divine bovine
11/14/2018 07:34 PMPosted by Cashcollecta
The name Cashcollecta fits so nicely

A 4 syllable name never "fits nicely".

edit: OK. I'm wrong. It fits in the trash just fine. Sorry!

: )

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