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Can't believe it was available.
My name is from Sailor Moon, it's Sailor Saturn's human name. SM is the only anime I've ever liked.
Sir Lancelot was a Knight and a Priest at different points in his life, so Paladin reflects both of those.

This is my favourite name, especially with the Knight title.
I like my name. Half of the people hate it, half of them love it.
I think Hercules the Hordebreaker has a nice ring to it.
Favourite of my paladins
He's not famous or anything. I'd imagine there's at least one guy with the name of Ivan Knowles floating around, probably drinking his morning coffee and reading a newspaper.

Regardless, I'm pretty proud of the backstory I've made for this guy. I've even yanked him out of Azeroth and put him in Khentith, the Old World.
This gnome gname is wanted, dead or alive.
So fitting...
Probably this one.

Common human name with no alt code. On a popular RP server. :D
Beware the Ides of March.
I made this character back in vanilla when I was like 12. It's my favorite for nostalgic reasons. Haven't really played it since tbc though. Randomly logged in and played it a while ago when my main server was down, which is why it's level 71 and has some upgraded questing gear.
Still overall my favorite character name! Started the whole ball rolling for my "sisters."
huge Rob Zombie fan, have you seen his wife??
It's a Sanskrit meditation chant that basically means immortality. Sa Ta Na Ma.

...also "Satan", which was this toon's name originally (with altcode of course).
From an old D&D character of mine, although that character was human, and a cavalier, iirc.
I actually like this name for my Lightforged a lot, it shortens to Lucy and sounds pretty.

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