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Inspired by the Brazilian death metal band Krisiun.

Even if you don't like metal, there are many bands who provide excellent inspiration for names in a fantasy environment.
From the Stormlight Archive book series.

Highly recommended.
So many to choose from. Who gets the reference?
I was surprised I was able to get this, my favorite character and name.
I thought it would be funny.
I've been able to snag some great names but this might be my favourite. It's pretty fitting for a goblin and I always like to talk with people who guess the homage. <3
my most favorite name. It means chasing rabbits down a long hill.
Perfect for a Gnome Hunter.
Dammit Jim
Hello from a bank alt.
My favorite character name. <3
Anyone order a pizza?
Homey don't play dat
This one is my usual handle but I like Blinte too :D

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