[H] <Unreal Realities> 4/8M 2 Nights

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Tired of joining <Reformed for this Patch!> Guilds? Want a forever home where you can kill bosses in a relaxed environment?

All exceptional applicants are considered.

We raid two nights a week.
Thursday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time
Monday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time
Sunday is a Achievements/Normal or Heroic/Old Content clear night and is optional.

Progress: We are currently 8/8N, 8/8H and 4/8M in Uldir.

In order of preference we are currently recruiting:
Ranged DPS: Any and all Ranged DPS. We don't currently have a Hunter or Shadow Priest and could always take more Mages and Warlocks!
Healers: A Healer who can switch to DPS confidently, or vice versa.
Melee: Heavy on melee currently, but open to applications for the right people. Tanks: Open to applications however not in need of at the moment.

Who are we?
We are a guild on Horde Barthilas and we have been raiding every single patch together since Ulduar, making us a long-term, well established and friendly guild that's been around for over 9 years. Every year we have a Guild Drinks where we get together in a different capital city (Sydney was this year) to meet the awesome people we play games with which makes us a great "forever home" for players of any persuasion.
Every night of the week people can be found on the guild Discord chatting, doing Mythic+ and playing other games together.

We're a guild that is aiming to clear Mythic content within the current patch whilst only raiding two nights per week. As for non-raiders, we have plenty of those as well with over 150 accounts in the guild. All non-raiders are welcome!

To have a chat please add Nasigoring#1217, Zameth#1106, or Codsyg#1424 or reply here.
Bump for raid spot ;)
need ranged deeps. come one come all, so i can go back to healing. T___T

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