[A] [8/8H, 3/8M] Clairvoyance LF MT/DPS/Disc!

Hey everyone!

Clairvoyance is a laid back, semi-hardcore progression guild for those looking to push content and have fun doing so. We pride ourselves on our chill, drama-free atmosphere and our incredibly diverse community of players. We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST, with farm raids on Wed/Sat at the same time.

We're primarily looking for a havoc, arms, rogue, and mage for DPS, another tank (preferably blood),and a disc priest for heals, but we'll consider other exceptional DPS or tank applicants.

If interested, comment below or add me on Battlenet at Argentan#1874.

Thanks for your time!
Clearly, not looking for the classes I currently play, but just putting it out there in case - 362 Blood DK (3/8H), 372 BM Hunter (8/8H).
373 Frost ATOC mage; currently looking to switch guilds. Please message me if interested. See logs below. I added you on Bnet.


Hey everyone! Updated the post with our latest recruitment needs as of November 6th :D
Bump! Still looking for all of the above stuff.

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