[A][FM]<masterchef nomi>GMT+8 2night Raid

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi! We're (A) <masterchef nomi> from Frostmourne (Oceanic).

As a 2 day 'casual' raiding guild, our philosophy is to finish raids as quickly and cleanly as possible in a drama-free environment.

Other activities include weekly M+10's, RBG's, Arenas, herb raids :)

If you're looking into organized raiding in a friendly environment or simply want a home in Frostmourne, do hit us up!

Guild Name: masterchef nomi
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Frostmourne (Oceanic)
Progression: 8/8HC , 1/8M
Raid Times: 9-11pm (GMT+8) [2 Hours]
Raid Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays [2 nights]
Good mix of players from SG/AUS/MY




Balance Druid

If you're interested, you may contact the following officers:

BTAG: Maerys#6448
IGN: Mundie

BTAG: Moli#1455
IGN: Aelethea

BTAG: Nasheq#1289
IGN: Nashgrip
DISCORD: Nasheq#5203

BTAG: ziljin#1411
IGN: Imperioz
DISCORD: Imperiuz#9443

We look forward to seeing you in our guild :)
Hi guys, me (ret pally) and a buddy (DK dps) like to join the guild. We feel like the guild is a good fit with the raid timings and the friendly environment.

We faction changed to Alliance recently, so we're looking for a new guild. We used to do heroic raids in Legion with a gmt+8 guild previously. But so far we have only randomly pug the BFA raids, no solid experience yet, would be great if we can get back to organised raiding again.

Right now, we are in Dath'remar. We would gladly server transfer any time. Look forward to hearing from you guys!
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