[H] <Shameful Spirit> Late night PST raid

Hi guys!

Tired of running into guilds that are too serious and raiding starting to feel like a job? Or dealing with endless drama?

We're a chill group of mostly older gamers (most in our 30s) who log in to get a break from our day jobs and family obligations and have fun playing with people we like.

Raid times are Friday & Saturday night 9:30PM PST to Midnight PST (12:30 AM EST - 3 AM EST).
We aim to complete all content on heroic mode (currently 8/8N and 3/8H), as well as push mythic keys in a semi-casual atmosphere.

No previous raiding experience necessary, our only requirement is that you're not annoying or rude to others, listen to directions and do your best.
Currently in need of 1 more healer (would prefer monk or priest), and a few solid DPS (pref. rogue, warrior, DH, spriest, DK). Ability to not take oneself too seriously is a huge plus ;) Our raids do occasionally get interrupted by a crying baby, it's just part of life.

If this sounds like something you'd fit in, PM me: Railin#2630 on Turalyon.

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