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I was playing a browser game with a small community. There were major issues between the community and the game designers. One prominent member posted on the forums that he'd discovered WOW (this was weeks after its launch), that it was hugely popular (so much so that they kept having to open new servers) and that WOW would be his new game and the post was his good-bye. So a month or so later I followed.
Played EQ back in the day and I remember WoW and EQ2 both being developed around the same time.

Went with WoW because they said they were going to put more focus on PvP and being able to solo as all classes, both things lacking in EQ.
For me it was the commercials during BC. Mini me, MR T and the great William Shatner. They made the game look so fun I felt like I would be missing out on something if I didn't play it. I'm Sindrelara and I'm a Mage. Whats your game?
I happened to be in a best buy store in the video game section the day it came out. There was a massive cardboard display with copies of the game. I had played the rts games so I figured I would try it. Played until lich king then quit until legion.
I kept seeing this one banner ad for a ten day free trial pop up here and there (especially on, of all places), and I finally broke down and clicked on it. That was just after Cata was released. My trial expired on Christmas Eve, and I ended up using money my evil brother gave me for Christmas to buy the basic game.
In late 2004 I was back in the US in between deployments to Afghanistan. Most everyone in my Infantry platoon played computer games online (I was playing Star Wars Galaxy at the time). Others kept begging me to play the new game "World of Warcraft" but I wasn't interested in another subscription game.

Then on my birthday in late December 2004, I was gifted the game and playing the trial I decided that I preferred the playstyle.

I spent January and February in Afghanistan,where I was shot and rendered permanently disabled. After much of 2005 spent homeless, I finally escaped the streets & once I was settled in, bought the game again (old account was compromised & banned). I created this Rogue in late March of 2006.

Still here!
I was randomly paired up in 2007 (when BC launched) with a classmate in a college psychology course to do a semester-long project. She was into WoW and wanted to do the project on the psychology of MMORPGs. A lot of Nick Yee stuff. I never before heard of MMORPGs or WoW so I got a trial account to do research. I created a human mage and ended up subbing before the semester was over. Our project was one of the more interesting ones in that class and we got an A on it.

We lost touch over the years, but I'll always remember her as the one who taught me how to get a Westfall chicken pet.

I still have that mage, too, and even if it isn't my main I make sure to at least level it up every expac.
I've always been a big MMO fan... a couple years in UO, a couple years in SWG. I've also been a Blizzard fan, owning and playing all of their games for hundreds of hours each.

Played the open beta for WoW, saw how polished it was and it was a no brainer. Went to Fry's in Irvine on release day, got the collector's edition and got to meet and greet several of the developers that were present for the midnight release.
Several local friends who all live within a mile of each other. I subscribed and joined their guild, and now I'm the only one left.
The year was 2006 or 2007 I think. My older brother told me he got this new game world of warcraft.

He said you should try it, so I did, I created a Tauren shaman. Got to like level 2 or 3 when it was vanilla and said to my brother stuff this game. Takes way to long to level.

Later in the day he said just try it again. So I did, that was he's mistake because I got hooked ! I played all afternoon when he went out and all night. He got angry at me because he wanted to play, we only had the one PC. So we got into a fight, good times.

Amazing what wow can do !
I remember sitting in a movie theater back in 2003/4 when a "trailer" came on for it. I shrugged and thought, "That looks kinda cool." Then a buddy of mine was in the beta and he showed it to me. I liked it even more so I signed up for the open beta. Boom! I was hooked. Been playing since late December of 2004.
My freshman year in college - every time my roommate's boyfriend really wanted me out of the room, he'd hand me his laptop and login to his account so I could play around. This was near the end of BC. It all fell apart when I bought myself the game when Wrath released.
My boyfriend (now husband) played. I thought Winterspring was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen on a computer. Then he told me I could tame animal companions. Juggling one PC became quite an issue for awhile lol
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What got you into WOW was it a trailer or a friend told you about it?

For me it was the South Park episode make love not warcraft

I played the Warcraft games before WoW, so I was already interested. Then my friend got in to WoW beta so I got to see it being played (I discovered /fart for him. He assumed it didn't exist). But, my computer was a POS at the time and technically shouldn't run WoW. So, I figured I was SOL.

Game came out and I was just resigned to not being able to play. Then I saw a crappy video (all videos on the internet were crappy back then) of Stitches attacking Goldshire set to that Let the Bodies Hit the Floor song. I couldn't not play anymore.

I bought the game and just crossed my fingers that my machine could run it even though it shouldn't be able to. It did, just barely. I had to play at the lowest settings and I had to take FPs with my camera pointed at the sky, but that box was a real trooper.

And that's how my life was ruined.
I played Diablo back in school, so when I saw the "Make love, not warcraft" episode of South Park, I thought that was the coolest game ever, I made a couple of trial account before buying the game. This was right after finished college, now my life is ruined, thanks South Park
I finally got to actually see the game a week after bc launch while staying at a friend of a friends house. They let me roll a mage and play for 5 mins. I was hooked as I was a former Dungeonmaster for AD&D.
I was being bullied a ffziv and that combined with PS3 becoming more and more unplayable I decided to try WoW.

And I found out I could be a panda.

I made my first Xiayyrla on Dalaran and quickly realized that a New Player server was a horrible place to be and made a new Xia on ED and also made Tlddrarklei, my draenei hunter, as well.

I did mucj more with Drark early on due to Legion Invasions and she would certainly be a higher level if level sync was a reality for Legion launch.

she did of course level crazy fast when I went to every legio n invasion point amd I really enjoyed just traveling all over Kalimdor.

She still has about 30+ invasion crates jist waiting for level 100.

I loved being a panda though. It's still one of my favourite things. I may only have a few but I love em.
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This Draenei's player double-clicked an icon on his desktop.
The Battlenet app started.
This Draenei's player clicked the Play button.
The music started.
This Draenei's player saw me for the first time after selecting Draenei female, laughed and called me Syllai because I looked silly.
I cried at first for having a mean player but I won him over.

I'd say you sound nuts, but I'm honestly worse, soooo can't judge.
10/20/2018 09:06 PMPosted by Xaeris
...and what a freaking adventure it has been since, both on and offline. I went from being a single soldier, to meeting my Wife in Ulduar to now having 3 kids between us.

I do love romances that bloomed out of warcraft or any nerdy stuff to be honest.

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