Group of 2/8M Players LF +8 GMT Guild


I'm a Havoc DH / Demo Warlock looking for a +8 GMT Guild.
My logs are below, I am happy to play either class but would prefer to stay Demo on the lock, i would consider other specs for the right raid environment.
Dhaer Havoc DH 377
Dkaer Demo Lock (Undergeared which is why i linked Ilvl) 364
I've always been an on and off mythic raider/progression raider before mythic existed, and tried to lead my own guilds since then to various amounts of success. I'm currently looking for a guild that will accept me and potentially the following people (happy to come alone but offers to take a large chunk of us will be more enticing)

Rabenschrey Mistweaver Monk 373
Sylvaye Disc Priest 376
Mcderperson Arms Warrior 377
Chemaraela BM Hunter 370
Tæryx Balance Druid 374
Laughterhws Blood DK (Only available Wed/Fri/Mon/Tues) 380

We are aware that guilds cant really take in this many people very often but if we can get in somewhere as a group that would be awesome.

If you have any questions or wanna chat about it let me know Dkaer#1950

H <The Last Hope> Barthilas 8/8H 2/8M are looking for dedicated players of all skill levels to bolster our mythic core.

Currently searching for Tank/Heals/Dps

We raid Wed/Thu 8-11pm server time with an optional raid night Monday.

Add me to bnet so we can chat Syner#11257
Hello Dhaer,

If you are still guild-searching, Tribo would be happy to take you all on, though we'd all have to be a bit flexible. Our raid times are Wed, Thur, Sun 11:30PM-1:30AM SVT (8:30PM-11:30PM GMT+8) (which doesn't quick work for you all). If you are happy to chat, I've added you to RealID.
Hey man, why not come to our Evergarden family which has a good mix of Singaporeans, Indonesians, Aussies, Korean and Taiwanese? We’ve got solid Tanks and Heals, after finishing 8/8H early October, we’ve been pugging people for our M prog (which is currently 2/8M atm).

But we’re really tired of pugging people since it’s really rng, I think you guys might be the right fit for our DPS cores openings. I suppose it’s more important for us to grow as a group than always finding that stranger with an achievement.

We’re currently raiding:
9PM Thu and 10PM Sat @ gmt+8.

Most of us are casual hardcore working adults, so if you’re interested just pop me a friend inv @ myrir#1650

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