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Currently enjoying some Blue Moon Belgian White now. What're the rest of you lot enjoying? No shame if you're a non alcho drinker.
Coffee. Too early for alcohol for me.
At work so no booze for me...but when I get home and start 20 more useless attempts to get the HH mount, I'll likely down quite a bit so I don't go postal heh
Sweet tea. :)
10/28/2018 03:27 AMPosted by Roomchazzi
No shame if you're a non alcho drinker.

... why would there be any shame in it? That seems rather backwards.
it's only 7pm here in Philippines, i got Royal Crown Cola for the moment
Pepsi Max
I'm enjoying some raspberry tea right now. I LOVE tea.
Coca-Cola. I don't drink alcohol.
I don't drink alcohol. I'm also vegan.
I don't drink alcohol. But, I have Iced Tea. It's something.
10/28/2018 03:27 AMPosted by Roomchazzi
Blue Moon Belgian White

AKA MillerCoors swill. Try a real Belgian white. I'm drinking coffee.
George Dickel 12. 14 hrs shift down. 1 more to go.
Coffee. In a couple hours I'm gonna take a shower, and I'll probably enjoy a beer while I'm showering.

Yeah, I see your confused and disgusted looks from here. Don't knock it 'til you try it.
Red bull, I've heard at 100 red bulls you can fly in game.
Coffee, with a little vanilla almond milk.
It is morning here. Coffee with half and half. I can't handle black coffee. It upsets my tummy!

Cats just had breakfast and will be asking for their drink soon - lactose free milk*. They demand it when I get my coffee so I have to pay the cat tax.

*Note: Most cats are lactose intolerant and will have digestive issues if given regular cow's milk.
Sunny D and rum..yum yum

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