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Who is Redacted?
Redacted is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran server, that believes in building a community that fosters the creation of long lasting friendships, a sense of team accomplishment, and plain old fun. Founded towards the end of warlords of draenor, Redacted has spent the last two years growing around those ideals, and have managed to achieve all of the goals we set out to complete.

What kind of goals does Redacted have during BFA?
The primary goal of Redacted is always to build a community of friends, who focus on achieving goals as a team. We have done this with a large amount of success for just over 2 years, usually maintaining a roster of around 60 active accounts. We like to ensure we have a solid roster of active members, without just zerg recruiting to 300 accounts. We want you to be YOU within a community, and not just another number in a massive zerg of people.

Our secondary goal was to achieve AOTC for each raid tier during legion. We not only managed to do this, but we did it while maintaining our casual atmosphere, real life is always more important, philosophy about raiding. We would like to continue forward into the current expansion very much the same way.

We understand that this is a game, and everyone is here to have fun. When real life calls, we know sometimes you have to give those things priority over your hobby. We don't punish folks for needing to miss a raid night, but we still manage to work together and complete our raiding goals over the course of the expansion.

So, with everything being said we are looking to bolster our raid group (currrently 8/8 N and 4/8 H) while also welcoming new members into our community who are looking for a friendly and welcoming environmental.

Who should you contact if you are interested in Redacted?
You can contact:

We would be glad to speak to you about any questions you may have!
Still looking for people to join!
Great guild. Always a blast!
One of the best communities I've been apart of.
Do you all care if someone uses colorful language? I've had a few bad experiences with guilds on Dalaran and my potty mouth.
I swear like a sailor most days.. so not an issue with me.
Well count me in!

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