[A] Returning player LF raiding guild

I'm an old school player that took a break from WoW for several years and wants to get back into raiding again. I've raided extensively in the past on multiple toons up to the Deathwing raid in Cata.

I can raid any day of the week after 9PM EST.

Bnet: Uradon#1254
Discord: Uradon#5210
Hello, Alliance KT <Wicked Warhawks> would be very interested.

Info about us: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769648095

Raid Times are:

Friday - 9pm-12pm EDT(7-10 server)
Saturday - 9pm-12pm EDT(7-10 server)

Contact us

Secretofmana - Me - Raider <In game mail should be directed here>
My Battletag: Zenfoldor#1145
Friend me or send me a message and we'll get you an invite
Mazull - GM -

If you want, just log on Friday and we will invite you to guild and raid at the same time. Very exciting! :)

PS: ilvl is perfectly fine, we can bump it up rather quickly as well, I think.

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