[H] Elite 8/8H 4/8M Illidan Server

Guild Recruitment
Greetings everyone and thank you for taking interest in our guild.

About Us:

Elite was founded on Kel'Thuzad Alliance in September 2016 by a group of raiders with vast knowledge and experience in raiding dating back to vanilla.

We have decided to start fresh as horde with the mindset to conquer every raid tier while only raiding 2 nights a week.


Raid Times/Expectations:

Tuesday: 9pm-Midnight Server
Wednesday: 9pm-Midnight Server

Sunday is an optional heroic: 9pm-Midnight Server

All raiders must come prepared with food, pots, and flasks. We will drop cauldrons and feasts for progression nights.

We understand that real life happens and it comes first. If you know you're going to miss please let officers or the GM know in advance.


As mentioned earlier our focus is to be a 2 night cutting edge guild and complete content efficiently while also maintaining a fun raid environment and establish meaningful friendships. Raiding shouldnt feel like another day at the office...


Mistweaver *High*
Resto Druid *High*
Priest *Low*

Ranged DPS
Warlock *High*
Hunter *High*
Shadow Priest *Medium*
Elemental Shaman *Medium*

Melee DPS
Demon Hunter *Low*
Rogue *Low*
Enhance Shaman *Low*

All applicants will be considered please feel free to add the following to inquire or if you have further questions.


Thank you!
At work but available to talk on Bnet hit me up!
Morning bump. Happy Friday!
Friday night keys anyone! Hit me up we got room in the guild for everyone!
Lf more Ranged and heals to join our team. Spots available for run this Tuesday and Wednesday.
Also looking for key pushers. Message me on Discord if you have any questions or interest! Snow#8528
End snippet of our Zek kill on 10/10/18.
Still looking for another healer and a couple ranged dps
Class/Spec: Disc / Holy
Cleared: 8/8H 2/8M
Btag: Seemly#1529
Link: https://raider.io/characters/us/area-52/Seemly
Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/area-52/seemly
Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/area-52/Seemly
Seemly thank you for your interest in joining Elite I will reach out to you today.

Online now looking for a few more ranged dps/healers :).
If you are looking for a relaxed and friendly environment that you can grow and thrive in, we may be your one stop shop. Since transferring here recruiting has been going amazingly well and we have made some awesome acquaintances so far.

We are striving to build the best environment we can while staying competitive. We are looking for people wanting to push keys, get some arenas in, raid etc.

Resto Druid // MW Monk // Warlock // Hunter // Shadow Priest are at the top of our list for desired classes. [u][/u]

Feel free to add/DM me on discord if you have questions or are interested.

Vectis down! We are now 4/8M looking for some solid ranged dps/healers.
We are still looking for ranged dps and healers. Fetid to 19% hoping to have down before the holiday next week!

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