Diabolical Dungeons

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What are Diabolical dungeons?

Mythic +5's ( difficulty can be discussed ) without the affixes but more of an old school feel where the dungeon itself was challenging without all these extra nonsense... examples are needing CC, interrupts and moving out of telegraphs etc.

These Dungeons are Queue-able with no CD or weekly lockout but locked behind Ilvl 355 aka normal uldir.

There's a new weekly quest that if you finish every mythic 0, you get to choose a 355 ilvl item for any slot, so if youre a raider or not eventually everyone will get into Diabolical Dungeons.

abandoning your Diabolical Dungeon group puts you on a 1H CD lockout.

Diabolical Dungeons drop 1 of 3 items per boss:
330 BoA's
Azerite Power
1 per boss Justice Points

Diabolical Dungeons BoA's can be traded for Justice Points at 2-4 per point ( up for discussion )

Justice Points can be traded to a vendor for 370ilvl gear at a cost of 200 Justice Points each( price can vary )( you choose your gear, any slot )

This vendor also has upgrade tokens for 370 to 385 gear for 500 Justice Points each and then 385 to 390 for 650 Justice Points,.

My english isnt the greatest but thoughts ? this system is similar to why i fell inlove with WotLK and i had so much fun and felt like i always had something to do. This system keeps Mythic 0's alive & the Mythic+ system doesn't have to change at all. People who dont like M+ affixes now have an old school alternative.

As new patches come out, just scale up the item levels on the vendor.
Blizzard can add new and cool items to the vendor if they like, like, cool trinkets or 2-3 piece sets.

Will be editing and adding as more good ideas come through.

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