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Hi, is anyone else having issues logging in to the demo client? Everyone else I know is playing just fine but I'm instantly getting DCd when I enter in my info. Even if the info is incorrect it just says disconnected.

same here my dude, i have a friend thats already in too. Guess we just have to wait =/
Same with me. If anyone knows how to solve the problem please let us know. I guess it has nothing to do with the amount of players whos already in.
I'm having the same issue, doesn't feel like it's even trying, just goes straight to the disconnected message.
I'm still having this issue. is it throttling logins or something? it would be really nice if the error message was more helpful.
One of the posts suggested completely logging out in the launcher and rebooting. Gave it a try, no luck. Still can't log into the demo. Getting precisely the same error as Scyllaxo in the screenshot link.
My laptop still immediately disconnects as of Sunday morning of the demo. However my desktop connects reliably and I was able to play. I'm not sure if this is a bad install on my laptop or something else. I purchased the virtual ticket from the blizzard app on my desktop, not sure if this affects it or what.
log into retail first then to clasic.
I got around that dc bug by starting the download of live client.

Then when it gets to "playable" (takes about 4 mins) I hit play and logged into retail. Then after I got to the char select screen I logged back out again (I dont have a retail sub). Then I switched back to the demo in the launcher and tried again and it worked fine.

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