The traitor Saurfang why he should die!

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Saurfang is a bigger traitor then any other in the WoW realm, here is why. He was the first commander and strategist of the horde war agenda and when he fail Sylvanas took the next best action when the player and Saurfang failed to take Malfurion's life, she sacked the city and made it so the hordes enemy couldn't take it back, this is what generals have done sense The art of war! Now he cries and complains that Sylvanas is the cause due to his failure and deserts his people is by definition of a traitor.
"noun" traitor a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.
When Garrosh was trying to make the horde and all orc horde again the other factions turned on him to revolt this is betrayal but also the right course of action for all the other races of the horde! Sylvanas is not and has not done that she uses her tools as she see fit as she should being the leader, there is no harm in boosting the hordes army by making more of her people! that in turn hepls the horde as a whole. She is decisive and tactical and that is how a leader at war should be! Not all will understand but all should follow because that is was a soldier and patriots should do. Yes feelings are getting hurt and some things Sylvanas does are not some of the factions beliefs but she has never harmed any horde members or the horde as a whole!
Anyone who thinks Saurfang is right needs to check their morals. Because you are looking at this with fog covered glasses and fail to see the truth. Plain and simple.
Shut up.
Sylvanas fans are a bit salty.
this is the best way for you to debate i guess i won!
11/02/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Trivelfrank
Shut up.
Agreed.. he is a traitor.
Turn him undead...

Blizzard we rejected this WOD remake idea a year ago and yet you still go that direction.....
11/02/2018 03:33 PMPosted by Thera
11/02/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Trivelfrank
Shut up.
I think you need to invest a bit more work into making your posts readable.
na i fully agree Saurfang is a traitor if he killed Anduin and then challenged Sylvanas to a 1v1 and won i'd take him as my leader...instead he chooses to help the alliance. Saurfang must die!
Anduin makes it clear that the Alliance alone cannot defeat Sylvanas and the Horde. Saurfang wants "his" ("his?" when did the Horde ever belong to Saurfang?) Horde "back"

Saurfang trying to get "his" Horde back does NOTHING but aid the Alliance in trying to depose Sylvanas.

I ask you TRUE members of the Horde - when did defeating the Alliance EVER become a bad thing?

Saurfang needs to!
While we're at it, we should hang all the American revolutionaries, they were also traitors to the British Empire. Too bad they're dead.
The best part of the fanboys is that Blizzard could turn WoW into a 16bit side scroller and they'd still play. No need to appeal to them at all, so say goodbye to your waifu and welcome a REAL warchief.
11/02/2018 03:33 PMPosted by Thera
11/02/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Trivelfrank
Shut up.
Horde agenda is to demolish the Alliance .

Saurfang is an alliance dog
11/02/2018 03:42 PMPosted by Nadanson
Saurfang needs to!
You're kind of an awful tauren, aren't you?

You support the undead banshee that violates, desecrates, and destroys life wherever she goes, but won't support the orc that's willing to work with the opposition to get her taken out?

You must have been cheering when Magatha poisoned Cairne and hooting and hollering joyfully when Vol'jin got killed by demons.
Blah blah traiter, blah... #notmywarchief #Noshouldersforoldsoldiers
Even this new cinema shows he didn't kill Anduin so he can help stop Sylvanas there is nothing more of a traitor then siding with the enemy!
you mean the traitor sylvanas must die right? she did kill her own soilders afterall, killing one's own soilders is obvious treason.

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