Horde Pandaren and Zandalari Trolls

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11/04/2018 07:46 PMPosted by Porschea
11/04/2018 07:16 AMPosted by Zhiifang

I know pretty much all there is to know on Pandaren lore and Huojin being in the Horde still makes no sense. Especially right now.

11/04/2018 08:40 AMPosted by Bjorfit

There's a bit of lore called 'the qualities of the Pandaren not lining up with the Horde, at all' you should maybe brush up on.

It's always been funny to me when Alliance players act as self-proclaimed experts on Horde races.

Everything I've seen in the Horde lines up perfectly with the Houjin way, being aggressive go-getters, solving problems before they become problems. Isn't that what Sylvanas claims she's doing? And if I may point out a darker side of our panda friends, the Houjin moral compass really doesn't extend very far outside of themselves and those close to them. If I'm wrong, then I invite you to actually point to examples instead of just proclaiming, "I'm right because I say I am. So shut up."

You understand that you can have multipal characters on both factions right? I played Horde and Alliance side, I read all the quests.

The Houjin along with most of the Horde's founding principals would be HIGHLY against almost everything Sylvanas is doing. TBH you are so wrong I am not even sure how I would start so I will brake it down.

-Houjin dont have any moral compass shown because there is about a paragraph of actual Pandaren lore to start with that deals in this.
-Everything Sylvanas is doing is highly against Pandaren culture as shown everywhere in game.
-Being "aggressive go-getters" does not mean burning 1000's of people alive, spreading the plague and raising the dead.
-I could name tons of reasons no Pandaren would join the Horde solely off everything in MoP before SoO happend alone
-Ji and Aysa have also been shown to have some sort of relationship with each other after she saved him and went back to the Wondering isle.
11/04/2018 07:46 PMPosted by Porschea
It's always been funny to me when Alliance players act as self-proclaimed experts on Horde races.
Well, I mean, simply having a character on one faction doesn't make you the world's leading expert in their lore. If I posted a comment on a Horde alt, would that make anything I said more credible?
11/04/2018 09:07 AMPosted by Defiaspally
The bigger question is does anyone even care about the opinions of pandaren in the first place?

Before I trouble myself to answer that, should we even care about the opinions of mutated space goats?
The Pandaren are a very forgiving people. Garrosh completely messed up their vale, killed so many of their people, and instead of letting Thrall/Varian kill him outright, they asked for a trial. Then, after he had mocked everyone and apologised for nothing, the Celestials (who the Pandaren base their moral philosophy on) said they would still not call for his execution. They probably are understanding that the Zandalari can change, especially under new leadership.

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