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I’ll do it.
I have proper eyeballs, and intelligence.
Tauren were created by the Earthmother Azeroth, herself. Have the fewest amount of skeletons in their closets

And it's also a fantasy race. Can you imagine playing a fantasy game just to roll a human?

can any other race do THIS?

*shakes head and flops ears around like a dog in the wind*
You're a human in real life so you know all of the benefits of being human.

With the other races, it may be better, it may be worse. Who knows? With humans, you know. Stick with what you know.
Faction numbers + Lore atention = Human Potential (never forget the 10% bonus rep)
My beard and hair is on fire and doesn't burn. Besides dark charred skin + white hair= money
11/06/2018 07:46 PMPosted by Swiftraven

can any other race do THIS?

*shakes head and flops ears around like a dog in the wind*

Worgen players, he's trying to steal your place.
I would, but I can't find a reason. If you like being screwed over by the writing, well, Night Elf is for you. I guess our animations are pretty awesome.
We like to eat, drink, and sleep.
Cus Trolls are the masta race mon!
Look at me, then look at other female races. Now back to me. Is the reason not clear?

Beauty? Check
Grace? Check
Elegance? Check
Animations? Impeccable
Customization? Great
Lore? Superb
Sex appeal? Check
Beauty? Check
Hair flip? Check

Why even look at the other lesser races?
Best visual proportions in terms of wearing armor and mounts. If I'm being truthful though, orc is the better choice as their capital city isn't a forgotten unfinished mess.
we've got the finest of all wine....

and also, like rep grinds?
Unlimited awesimitude.
11/06/2018 07:55 PMPosted by Felsavior
Why even look at the other lesser races?
Because other races aren't mana-addicted, anorexic, steroid abusing lunatics? Minus the Nightborne, of course.
If you need convincing, you’re not yet worthy.
Do you want to be a fabulous blonde elf? If not move on
I'm Quitting and nope.
Nah. If you need to be told why Tauren are best, you're not cut out to be one.

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