druid tank do something for f*** sake

Serioulsy..we get kicked or relegated to second place the moment they know we are druids..this aint Diablo Immortal..wake up guys..do sometihing we are the last tanks selected what ever the group..even warfronts which are easy mode...
Being a tank in general makes you needed more then 90% of the specs out there. Don’t have a problem getting into M+ or raids.

Yes we’re bottom tier in M+ with warriors and average in raids. But good enough to get your +10s done and clear all content other then cutting edge stuff.
getting your 10s done but routinely declined for mythic even 7 to 9s due to perception and lack of utility. So yea, something more needs to be done. I also would ask why are we not getting at least the 11.54% damage increase from the ptr now to make us closer to the damage of other tanks. Mark of ursol will help a little but why get rid of IR as this was one of our useful talents in mythic plus. give it back and make ursol baseline.
Starting to think blizzard is working on the over all other problems of the game right now and have abandoned druid tanking all together.
I've been levelling a prot pally, it's amazing how much more fun and engaging it is compared to Guardian. I'm talking about just rotational stuff too... then you add on top of that all the extra utility they bring.

Guardian really needs a design overhaul at this point, nothing about it feels very "fun" any more. It doesn't feel like you really have any clearly defined strengths.

I wish Blizzard would incorporate shapeshifting back into Druid again, it would be cool if Guardian didn't have to sit in bear 24/7 and we had some extra utility/damage through shifting. Even something as simple as "You maintain your Bear Form passive for 4 seconds after leaving Bear Form" would go a long way.

The other specs don't suffer from this as much (for example, Feral will have clone back, and Resto affinity heals, and bear form defence... Resto has cat weaving and bear form defence.) but I really feel this class needs it's shapeshifting identity back as a whole.

Not sure if I'm on to something, or I have just been playing this spec/class for way too long and am washed up.
im a reroll from druid too... blizzards balancing this xpac 10/10

............ /sigh
Same here rerolling this guy from a guardian main. Rotation is much more fluid.
I’m liking my Druid so far. Got one to 110 in Legion and he kind of sat. Leveling him back up.

Being compared to a DK for example sucks...they were built for 5 man content. As for Guardian, we’re kind of on par with Warriors where we don’t have anything special except decent health pool (which sucks compared to last xpac even) so we make great meat shields. And we don’t mitigate magic damage =/

On my Rogue, I’ve grouped with a few Warriors and Bears in higher keys and they do just fine. They just need to rely on the groups composition and the players being competent in their class more so than a DK or Paladin.

All in all though, I’m going to keep going with mine and see how far I can push him
I'm doing 10s and 11s on my guardian, but it's very depressing sometimes. People ask me why I don't just roll a blood DK or a tank DH because both do tons more damage than a bear, and provide miles more utility.

Guardians need tools made baseline such as ROTS, zerk or a gap closer, but I don't see that happening because in my opinion, Blizzard is either too scared we'll somehow become over powered, or thinking that as long as 70% of the tanks are fine, tanking is fine, and if you wanted to be competitive, you would have rerolled anyway.
11/11/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Unaffected
im a reroll from druid too... blizzards balancing this xpac 10/10

............ /sigh

I’ve done the same, however since I’ve put so much into my Druid over the years I don’t feel right playing my other toons. So my interest in this expac is nearly gone.

Started playing my other games to keep me occupied
The state of bear aggro:

Be me - gallivanting along and doing some world quests
- pull a boss quest mob
- damage mob for 30+ sec, get it to 40-50% health solo
- blood dk walks along and blood boils twice
- mob aggros to blood dk without taunt


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