Question about racials.

What rating do they start mattering a lot?

I want to get into Arenas for the first time and really only want the material prizes like the mount, cloak, and high iLvL gear. AFAIK you don't need to be cutting edge to get that, you need to be 2400'ish I think?

Yeah I haven't a damn clue, if I want gear and a mount, do they matter a lot? I'd like to avoid Orc and stick to Mag'har if I could.
According to the ladder, once you hit 3k rating, you need to swap to panda.
Racials don’t matter nearly as much as they used to you should be fine with whatever you choose so jus go with whatever looks best with your mogs
Doesn’t matter so much

in the past it was almost required that you be either human or bloodelf but it’s a lot more leveled now

I cant think of any combo thats significantly worse w/ a bad racial compared to a fotm one
I went nelf cus nelf. What i played in vanilla and what im gonna play for the foreseeable future. They really dont matter until like top 0.5%. I also play belf cus belf. But no males pls unless orc cus they thiccbois.
Play what you want friend, most people do the same except rank 1s and stuff.

Only time you’ll feel like you are slightly worse off is vs say like a mirror comp but they happen to have will or human racial or orc racial, etc.

I went mag’har for pure aesthetics after playing undead and troll who’s racials are both significantly more useful to me and honestly I don’t regret it.
nelf is always bis in cuteness

plenty of racials are good, but which is best often depends on your use of the racial or your comp match up so its not really possible to call one best in that aspect i guess.
nelf female probably best cast animations in the game now tbh

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