Greatest Vanilla PvP videos of all time

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Forget Pat or Laintime, we have a new champion. Prove me wrong!

(I know its private server stuff, bite me ;D)
Some names are Stormx and Perplexity. Those guys play on some pservers as a super low latency, probably less than 10. Some of the stuff they do on them is insane. Having less than 10 latency isn't normal for gaming though.

will always be my most loved one.

The Dual Shadows pvp video series made me buy WOW and roll a rogue on Dec 2004. It was once i got to lvl 50 that i realised there were too many rogues and it was hard to get into dungeon groups so i rerolled priest.

Anyway, i sure was glad these vids are still out there.
I loved this little gnome.
top 10 :) awesome videos. even had drake. an amazing lock pvp'er.

some old school.

whose gonna race to be the best and get high warlord?
Roguecraft is in a league of its own.

Notwithstanding that, Zalgradis 3 is the best PvP video of all time. You may not argue.
This guy was absolutely the best, would have got multiple rank 1 titles if he kept playing in BC:
I remember when you could stack all the buffs. You could have multiple stat buffs and other effects such as free action pots going with practically no limit. Those were crazy 'Moments of Glory' for those that did it.

This was always my favorite.
Hulksmash inspired me to roll fury back in the day


Maydie the arms warrior god
11/11/2018 11:36 AMPosted by Gankmasterx
This guy was absolutely the best, would have got multiple rank 1 titles if he kept playing in BC:

That TF rogue he killed....
This one I still remember what ever raisin.

(I know its private server stuff, bite me ;D)
The fight against the hunter makes me wonder something. You'll notice the pet doesn't attack the rogue while the hunter is getting stunlocked down. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it worked that way in Vanilla. I know it does in Current WoW, but back in Vanilla if I was defending a flag or something and a rogue sapped me, my pet would immediately attack him even if I'm cc'd. Same with the warlock. I feel like private servers get pet behavior wrong.

Just love the visuals and music. Original vanilla wow rogue with t2.5 and Naxx weapons.
11/11/2018 08:03 PMPosted by Edorin

This was always my favorite.
those are cherry picked moments , for ever omg moment there was a hundred where he ran up and got laughed at

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