M+ run not registered in leaderboard.

Website Bug Report
17 King's rest and 19 Atal not registered.
I don't know what API is but there should be log somewhere else
It will increase my io and it should be on the top chart of leaderboard this week. come on. I wouldn't even consider if those were like 15 14 as it happened before to me as well but Several people are having same problem since 2017 and havent fixed yet?
I was part of Pandaxcute's group when this bug happened. To elaborate, I believe the bug stems from the fact that with the same group and within a short amount of time (~3 hours) we completed a 20 Atal'Dazar and an 18 King's Rest BEFORE we completed the 19 Atal'Dazar and 17 King's Rest. Since we completed a higher key in the same logout, the lower one didn't register. This is frustrating because the lower keys are actually more impressive skill-wise because they were completed in time and the higher one were not. I hope this helps is resulving this bug. Thanks.
Waycrest not showing right now as well please...

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