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One of my guildies bday is in a few days and was to gift them bnet balance, could they order a plushie they wanted? Or should i just give them a visa giftcard again like last few years. Sorry if not the correct place to ask :) basically does bnet balance work on blizz gear

(Rl friend as well)
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Unfortunately it can't be used in the gear store :(
You can't use Blizzard Balance to purchase items from the Blizzard Gear Store

Edit to add: But you're an awesome friend for thinking of a gift like that :)
ah, that is a shame, (would order it myself, just not sure which one it is). Ill just do one them prepaid gift cards then

Ty for the reply

ps: He always sends gifts me battle pets for bday and xmas, just wanted to give him something for his RL collection of stuff.
Just a side note, if you do get him a pre-paid card, be sure that it covers any applicable taxes and a $1 temporary ping charge too ;)

And I'm not at all jealous of your friendship....nope....

*runs off to find better friends*

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