If G’huun won...?

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Would he work for the void / rebuild the Black Empire?

Or would he raise his own Empire since he was created by the titans and not a true Old God?
He's more like a sapient fungus/disease. He'd grow and spread corruption across the planet. It would ultimately serve the same purpose as the OGs.
I wonder if his work would contribute to making Azeroth into a void titan or just out right killing her.
I don’t think he had any real plans. He’s a disease, all he wants to do is grow. In the end the planet would just be a giant tumor.
11/14/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Xoroth
I wonder if his work would contribute to making Azeroth into a void titan or just out right killing her.

That is a good question, I would like to know the answer to this. Sadly we will probably never know:(
Mm I think eventually the other Old Gods would just get out on their own once G'huun destroyed Azeroth's defenses. The true Old Gods are far stronger than G'huun so they'd likely just usurp and enslave him.

G'huun is essentially the will of the Old Gods incarnate. I'm not sure he has an overall plan, just an instinctive desire to grow and consume like a virus. But I don't think he can make a Void Titan. The reason the Old Gods can is because their roots stretch down to the core of the planet where they can directly corrupt the world-soul.

G'huun lacks that aspect. I think rotting the surface might have some effect on the titan, but not quite the same. The world-soul did survive the Sundering and Cataclysm pretty well intact after all.
Have you ever played that game Worms from Team 17?

Yeah it'll be like that, G'huun will turn us all into worms and we'll spend spend the rest of our lives lobbing banana bombs at each other.
G'Huun is only one "aspect" of Old God physiology and psychology; Hunger. Stands to reason that rather than actually RULE anything? He would keep consuming all until nothing was left. He's like the fetal stage of Marvel Comics' "Cancerverse".
Isn't G'huun more of a mindless beast than proper Old God? I think if he won the other Old Gods would put him down once he outlived his usefulness because all he does is spread infection and consume. Even the forces of the void want a world to rule over.
Ah okay I understand now... thanks everyone!
Would think he’d turn all of Creation into a realm of eternal decay.

Sorta like a cancerverse
Lmao, old gods have been working alone, why do you think we always face them alone. If they ever worked together we would lose.

I always thought they waged war against eachother in the past

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