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So I was wondering what good sets would be if we just make sets for the sake of fun. I am talking outside of the normal "This increases dps/hps" type of fun. Lets think out side the box. So I was speaking with my guildies and community in our joint raid and we came up with some fun ideas. Hope to hear what the community would think would be fun outside of the fighting world.

1. Wings. What if we had a set that gives you wings to glide with but on some type of cool down. This can be itemized via 2 rings or something like old xpacts (head, shoulder, chest). I would use this while traversing in the world content and would engage me more in world quests as my lock.

2. Speed Boots. Something to make us go fast. You removed bear tar tar imagine something to make us go really fast, while running.

3. Frog Hop. Sort of like if you take Krag'wa the Huge's leap ability to the literal maximum range but only on a once per X time use. Landing doesn't cause damage.

4. Air Currents - Create a current of air in front of you that would boost you in that direction.

These things would be great.

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