[H] <Kazoku> Recruiting raiders for Uldir

Who are we
We’re largely a group of laid back working adults who are looking for quality progression despite our limited schedules. Our main bulk of players are from GMT+8 zone (Singapore). We raid to have fun, challenge ourselves and see the content as far as possible. That said, we’re not here to burn ourselves out by treating raiding as a second full-time job, more like a full time hobby :D

We believe in growing and cultivating a good gaming environment to teach and learn from each other.

Kazoku is looking for new trial raiders in mythic raiding group in Battle for Azeroth and also patch 8.1 and beyond

Our current progression is Mythic 2/8.

Casual gamers are welcome to join! No strings attached.

Ideal raiders
Are committed and responsible
Sufficiently competent in your class and specialization(s)
Want a balance between personal life and raiding
Want to learn and be a better gamer

Raiding schedule
Our raids are on Thursdays and Mondays, GMT+8 9.00pm – 11.30pm.

Currently recruiting

Healer x 0 slots (advantageous if you have a competent dps off-spec)
- none

(Melee)DPS x 0 slots
- none

(Ranged)DPS x 5 slots (advantageous if you have a competent healing off-spec)
- BM Hunter
- Moonkin
- Elemental
- others

All exceptional players will be considered even if your class is not in the preference list above.

Contact info & Btag
Do contact Badnekochan or Mercadesli in game (via mail/whisper) or just hit us up through our battle tags. If neither are online, do find anyone in guild to send a message!

Mercadesli - gdjob#6368
Badnekochan - Badazz#6861

Thanks and cya in Azeroth!

last updated on - 15 Nov 2018

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